EMC Connectrix - Cisco MDS-9396S

End of life Date:
Network Equipment

The EMC Connectrix - Cisco MDS-9396S is a remarkable piece of network equipment, meticulously designed to meet the demands of modern data centers. Engineered by EMC, a leader in data center technology, this device embodies reliability and performance, ensuring that your network operations run seamlessly.

Key Features:

  • OEM Authenticity: Originating from EMC, a trusted name in the industry, ensuring quality and reliability.
  • Versatility: Suitable for various network configurations, enhancing the flexibility of data center operations.
  • End-of-Life Support: Thomastech provides unwavering support, ensuring that your investment continues to deliver value.


  • Quality Assurance: With Thomastech’s commitment to quality, rest assured that you are acquiring a product that meets high standards of excellence.
  • Expert Support: Benefit from round-the-clock expertise, ensuring that your data center operates efficiently without disruptions.
  • Comprehensive Solutions: Thomastech offers a holistic approach, providing solutions that encompass servers, storage, and network equipment.

Applications: Ideal for data centers that prioritize reliability and performance, the EMC Connectrix - Cisco MDS-9396S is a versatile addition that enhances network capabilities, ensuring that operations run smoothly and efficiently.

Summary: In a realm where network reliability and performance are paramount, the EMC Connectrix - Cisco MDS-9396S emerges as a trustworthy choice. Its association with EMC assures quality, while the support and solutions offered by Thomastech amplify its value, making it a commendable investment for data centers aiming for operational excellence.

thomastech's unwavering commitment to quality, comprehensive solutions, and round-the-clock expertise transformed our Data Center journey." - John T.

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