EMC Connectrix - McData ED-QPM-L04

End of life Date:
January 31, 2009
Network Equipment

The EMC Connectrix - McData ED-QPM-L04 is an avant-garde network connectivity solution crafted for businesses that prioritize efficient data transmission and advanced network oversight. This device melds the networking intelligence of McData with EMC's premium-grade hardware, showcasing a performance and adaptability spectrum that's in a class by itself.

Key Features:

  1. High-Speed Connectivity: With the ED-QPM-L04, dive into rapid data transfers that ensure your network communications are always up to speed and glitch-free.
  2. Evolving Scalability: Designed with growth in mind, the ED-QPM-L04 readily adapts to rising data traffic while consistently maintaining top-tier performance.
  3. Unified Networking Solution: By harmonizing EMC's hardware prowess with McData's networking acumen, this device presents an all-inclusive answer for data connectivity, routing, and monitoring needs.
  4. Sophisticated Network Analytics: Unlock a new dimension of operational insights with tools that provide deep dives into your network's metrics, health, and performance.
  5. Robust Data Security: With inherent security mechanisms, the ED-QPM-L04 ensures every data packet is insulated from vulnerabilities and potential breaches.
  6. Streamlined Integration: The ED-QPM-L04 is meticulously calibrated to blend effortlessly with your prevailing IT setup, guaranteeing swift deployments and zero integration hassles.


  1. Peak Efficiency: Enhance network operations, minimize potential setbacks, and allocate more resources to strategic decisions and planning.
  2. Economical Operation: By merging premium data connectivity and network oversight into a single unit, businesses can witness a tangible reduction in both initial investments and ongoing expenses.
  3. Ready for Tomorrow: The forward-thinking architecture of the ED-QPM-L04 makes it an ideal companion for the ever-evolving demands of future data streams and networking dynamics.

A pivotal asset for industry frontrunners in arenas such as e-commerce, telecommunications, finance, and beyond, the EMC Connectrix - McData ED-QPM-L04 is the go-to solution for companies keen on amplifying their network infrastructure and capabilities.

In today's era where data forms the backbone of decision-making, the EMC Connectrix - McData ED-QPM-L04 emerges as a bastion of networking reliability and excellence. Whether your aim is to refine data transmission avenues or gain a granular understanding of network health, this device is poised to deliver. Propel your business into the networking future with the ED-QPM-L04.

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