EMC Connectrix - McData ED-XPM-L10-U

End of life Date:
January 31, 2009
Network Equipment

Introducing the EMC Connectrix - McData ED-XPM-L10-U, a fusion of EMC's world-class data management capabilities with McData's advanced connectivity innovations. This upgraded version of the ED-XPM-L10 series is meticulously crafted to provide businesses with an enhanced, high-speed, and ultra-reliable connectivity platform. Designed to meet the multifaceted challenges of today's digital ecosystems, the ED-XPM-L10-U ensures fluid data transfer, superior network performance, and unparalleled operational agility.

Key Features:

  1. Enhanced Connectivity: With upgraded components, the ED-XPM-L10-U offers even faster data transfer rates, ensuring real-time and seamless data flow across intricate networks.
  2. Modular Scalability: The ED-XPM-L10-U's architecture is built for the future, allowing for easy scalability to accommodate growing connectivity demands and ever-evolving business requirements.
  3. Rugged Durability: Constructed using premium materials and incorporating advanced design principles, the ED-XPM-L10-U guarantees longevity and unwavering performance, even under rigorous operational conditions.
  4. Smart Management Interface: The device comes equipped with an intelligent, user-centric dashboard, simplifying network configuration, real-time monitoring, and overall management for users at all expertise levels.
  5. State-of-the-Art Security: Incorporating the latest encryption techniques and fortified security protocols, the ED-XPM-L10-U ensures that every data transfer remains secure, mitigating risks and potential threats.
  6. Eco-Optimized Operations: Emphasizing green technology, the ED-XPM-L10-U operates with minimal power consumption, delivering exceptional performance while promoting sustainability.


  • Peak Network Performance: The ED-XPM-L10-U amplifies network efficiency, minimizing latency, and guaranteeing smooth, uninterrupted data transfers, fostering operational brilliance.
  • Value-Driven Investment: Combining advanced features with competitive pricing, the ED-XPM-L10-U stands out as a strategic asset for businesses aiming for top-notch connectivity without stretching their budget.
  • Plug-and-Play Integration: Engineered for maximum compatibility, the ED-XPM-L10-U seamlessly integrates into diverse network infrastructures, ensuring swift deployment and minimal setup time.


Perfectly suited for a broad spectrum of sectors, from telecommunications and IT to finance and e-commerce, the EMC Connectrix - McData ED-XPM-L10-U is the preferred choice for organizations that demand robust, high-speed, and secure connectivity solutions.


The EMC Connectrix - McData ED-XPM-L10-U is not merely an upgrade; it's a leap forward in connectivity solutions. For businesses that prioritize unmatched efficiency, top-tier security, and cutting-edge technology in their network operations, the ED-XPM-L10-U is the definitive choice. Experience the future of connectivity today with the unmatched capabilities of the ED-XPM-L10-U.

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