EMC Data Manager (EDM) 520 Series (2/52, 4/52) Tape Library

End of life Date:
March 31, 2000
Storage Device

Presenting the EMC Data Manager (EDM) 520 Series Tape Library, featuring the 2/52 and 4/52 models. This series epitomizes EMC's dedication to merging traditional tape storage reliability with contemporary technological advancements. Tailored for organizations prioritizing dependable, long-term data archiving, the 520 Series offers a harmonious blend of storage capacity, swift performance, and robust security. With the EDM 520 Series at their disposal, businesses can confidently safeguard their invaluable data, ensuring its preservation and accessibility for the foreseeable future.

Key Features:

  1. Optimized Storage Capacities: With the 2/52 and 4/52 models, the EDM 520 Series caters to a diverse range of storage requirements, ensuring businesses can choose the perfect capacity for their needs.
  2. Rapid Data Retrieval: While rooted in tape-based technology, the series boasts impressive data access speeds, guaranteeing swift retrieval of archived information when required.
  3. Fortified Data Protection: Each model in the series incorporates state-of-the-art encryption methods, ensuring the utmost security against potential threats and unauthorized access.
  4. Intelligent Library Management: The series is equipped with a user-friendly management interface, enabling businesses to automate backups, manage tape rotations, and monitor the health and status of the library effortlessly.
  5. Scalable Architecture: Designed with future growth in mind, the EDM 520 Series allows for easy expansion, ensuring businesses can seamlessly adapt to increasing data demands.
  6. Eco-Conscious Performance: In line with EMC's commitment to sustainability, the series operates with maximum energy efficiency, balancing top-tier performance with environmentally responsible practices.


  • Assured Data Preservation: The EDM 520 Series guarantees the long-term integrity and accessibility of archived data, offering businesses peace of mind for their data storage strategy.
  • Economical Storage Solution: Tape storage remains an affordable data storage medium, and with the advanced features of the EDM 520 Series, businesses receive outstanding value for their investment.
  • Smooth Integration: Crafted to integrate into existing IT infrastructures effortlessly, the series provides a straightforward and efficient addition to any data management system.


Ideal for sectors that necessitate reliable and long-lasting data storage solutions, such as healthcare, financial institutions, governmental bodies, and academic research centers, the EMC Data Manager (EDM) 520 Series Tape Library stands as the preferred choice for organizations that emphasize data longevity, security, and cost-effectiveness.


The EMC Data Manager (EDM) 520 Series Tape Library, encompassing the 2/52 and 4/52 models, is a testament to EMC's unwavering commitment to delivering superior data management solutions. This series represents the pinnacle of tape storage technology for organizations seeking a trusted, secure, and cost-effective long-term data storage solution. Entrust your data's future to the unparalleled capabilities of the EDM 520 Series.

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