EMC Data Manager (EDM) FC230 Bridge

End of life Date:
March 31, 2005
Storage Device

Dive into the next generation of data connectivity with the EMC Data Manager (EDM) FC230 Bridge. This state-of-the-art bridge solution embodies EMC's commitment to facilitating seamless data communication and integration across diverse storage environments. Designed for businesses that aim to optimize their storage networks, the FC230 Bridge offers a robust platform for efficient data transfer, ensuring consistent performance and enhanced interoperability.

Key Features:

  1. High-Speed Connectivity: The FC230 Bridge boasts ultra-fast data transfer rates, ensuring minimal latency and maximizing throughput for all data communication tasks.
  2. Universal Compatibility: Engineered to work seamlessly with a wide range of storage devices and protocols, the FC230 ensures effortless integration into any storage network.
  3. Advanced Data Security: With built-in encryption and security protocols, the FC230 Bridge guarantees the safe and secure data transfer across networks, protecting against potential breaches and unauthorized access.
  4. Easy Configuration & Management: Featuring an intuitive user interface, the FC230 allows for quick setup, configuration, and ongoing management, ensuring optimal performance and minimal downtime.
  5. Scalable Design: The FC230 Bridge is designed to grow with your business needs, allowing for easy expansion and upgrades as your storage network evolves.
  6. Energy-Efficient Operations: In line with EMC's sustainability ethos, the FC230 operates with maximum energy efficiency, ensuring top-tier performance with a reduced carbon footprint.


  • Optimized Data Flow: The FC230 Bridge ensures smooth and efficient data communication across storage networks, optimizing workflows and reducing operational bottlenecks.
  • Cost-Effective Integration: By providing a seamless bridge between different storage protocols and devices, the FC230 offers businesses a cost-effective solution to enhance their storage network's interoperability.
  • Reliable Performance: Built with reliability at its core, the FC230 guarantees consistent performance, ensuring uninterrupted data flow and communication.


Ideal for data centers, large enterprises, and IT infrastructures that require seamless data communication across diverse storage environments, the EMC Data Manager (EDM) FC230 Bridge is a vital tool for businesses aiming to optimize their storage networks and ensure efficient data transfer.


The EMC Data Manager (EDM) FC230 Bridge is a testament to EMC's dedication to driving innovation in data management and communication. For businesses seeking a reliable, efficient, and cost-effective solution to bridge the gaps in their storage networks, the FC230 is the gold standard. Enhance your storage network's efficiency and interoperability with the unmatched capabilities of the FC230 Bridge.

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