EMC Data Manager (EDM) P-7000 Series Tape Library

End of life Date:
December 31, 2004
Storage Device

Experience the zenith of structured, high-capacity, and efficient data archiving with the EMC Data Manager (EDM) P-7000 Series Tape Library. A culmination of EMC's relentless pursuit of excellence, this series offers businesses an elite, expansive, and modular solution tailored for extensive data archiving needs. Crafted to cater to the demands of large-scale enterprises, the P-7000 Series stands as a beacon of reliability, ensuring data remains systematically organized, instantly retrievable, and shielded from potential threats.

Key Features:

  1. Unparalleled Storage Capacity: The P-7000 Series sets new benchmarks in storage volume, accommodating an extensive array of tapes, ensuring ample space for vast data repositories.
  2. Precision Tape Automation: Equipped with advanced robotic mechanisms, the P-7000 Series ensures meticulous tape handling, drastically reducing manual intervention and enhancing operational efficiency.
  3. Blazing-Fast Data Transfer: With cutting-edge technology at its core, the P-7000 Series delivers unmatched data transfer speeds, guaranteeing rapid backups and instantaneous data retrievals.
  4. Expandable Modular Framework: Designed with future growth in mind, the P-7000 Series allows seamless expansion, ensuring businesses can effortlessly scale their storage capacity per evolving needs.
  5. Fortified Data Protection: Integrating the latest encryption and security protocols, the P-7000 Series offers an impregnable fortress for all archived data, ensuring absolute peace of mind.
  6. Sophisticated Management Interface: Featuring an intuitive, user-centric dashboard, businesses can effortlessly oversee, configure, and maintain their tape library, ensuring peak performance and timely updates.


  • Optimized Data Archiving: The P-7000 Series revolutionizes data storage, offering a meticulously organized and streamlined approach, ensuring effortless data location and retrieval.
  • Economical High-Capacity Storage: Harnessing the intrinsic advantages of tape storage, the P-7000 Series offers a cost-efficient avenue for extensive data archiving without compromising functionality or speed.
  • Future-Ready Design: The modular architecture of the P-7000 Series ensures businesses remain equipped to accommodate burgeoning data storage requirements.


Tailored for mega enterprises, expansive data centers, and sectors such as finance, healthcare, research, and government that necessitate vast, structured, and resilient data storage solutions, the EMC Data Manager (EDM) P-7000 Series Tape Library is the quintessential choice for comprehensive and advanced data management.


The EMC Data Manager (EDM) P-7000 Series Tape Library epitomizes the pinnacle of advanced, structured, and scalable data storage solutions. For entities that prioritize vast data archiving capacities, unparalleled security, and future scalability, the P-7000 Series stands unrivaled in the realm of tape library solutions. Secure your organization's data legacy with the unparalleled prowess of the P-7000 Series, and redefine the paradigms of tape storage.

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