EMC Disk Library for Mainframe DLM2100D

End of life Date:
September 30, 2018
Storage Device

Experience the zenith of mainframe storage with the EMC Disk Library for Mainframe DLM2100D. A testament to EMC's unparalleled expertise in data management, the DLM2100D is meticulously crafted to cater to the sophisticated requirements of modern mainframe systems. This avant-garde library offers an extensive, agile, and steadfast disk storage solution, ensuring mainframe systems experience rapid data access, top-tier data protection, and a fluid operational journey.

Key Features:

  1. Superior Storage Capacity: The DLM2100D is endowed with a vast storage architecture, providing a generous reservoir for mainframe data, essential backups, and mission-critical applications, ensuring storage limitations are a relic of the past.
  2. Instantaneous Data Access: Leveraging cutting-edge data retrieval technologies, the DLM2100D offers immediate access to stored data, propelling mainframe operational efficiency to new heights.
  3. Impenetrable Data Protection: Armed with advanced encryption algorithms and stringent security protocols, the DLM2100D guarantees that mainframe data remains invulnerable to external threats and unauthorized access.
  4. Intelligent Management Interface: The DLM2100D boasts a smart, user-centric dashboard, streamlining storage management, offering real-time monitoring insights, and enabling effortless configuration adjustments.
  5. Future-Proof Scalability: Built with adaptability in mind, the DLM2100D supports modular scalability, ensuring businesses can effortlessly expand their storage in tandem with mainframe growth and shifting data needs.
  6. Green Operations: Committed to environmental sustainability, the DLM2100D operates with precision efficiency, delivering unparalleled performance while championing eco-conscious practices.


  • Optimized Mainframe Operations: The DLM2100D supercharges mainframe performance, ensuring seamless data storage and retrieval, fostering a harmonized and efficient operational environment.
  • Strategic Storage Investment: Merging a plethora of state-of-the-art storage features with a value-driven pricing model, the DLM2100D stands as a prudent choice for businesses overseeing complex mainframe systems.
  • Smooth Integration: Designed with compatibility at its core, the DLM2100D ensures effortless integration into varied mainframe landscapes, guaranteeing swift deployment and continuous operations.


Tailored for sectors that place immense reliance on mainframe systems, such as banking, telecommunications, aerospace, and large-scale IT hubs, the EMC Disk Library for Mainframe DLM2100D is the quintessential storage solution for organizations that prioritize speed, security, and scalability in their mainframe storage strategies.


The EMC Disk Library for Mainframe DLM2100D is not just another storage unit; it's a revolution in mainframe storage paradigms. For organizations that demand the best in efficiency, adaptability, and technological prowess in their mainframe storage solutions, the DLM2100D is the undisputed leader. Set new benchmarks in mainframe data storage with the unparalleled capabilities of the DLM2100D.

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