EMC Greenplum Data Computing Appliance V1 GP1000C

End of life Date:
March 31, 2014
Server Computer

Introducing the EMC Greenplum Data Computing Appliance V1 GP1000C - a cutting-edge data computing powerhouse tailored for enterprises with extensive data management and analytical needs. By merging Greenplum's advanced database software with EMC's top-tier hardware, the GP1000C offers an unmatched blend of speed, efficiency, and scalability.

Key Features:

  1. Ultra-High-Performance Computing: The GP1000C is engineered to deliver rapid data processing speeds, ensuring real-time analytics and swift decision-making capabilities.
  2. Massive Scalability: Designed for the future, the GP1000C can effortlessly scale to handle burgeoning data volumes, ensuring consistent performance even as your data grows.
  3. Holistic Solution: Experience the synergy of EMC's robust hardware and Greenplum's sophisticated software, providing a comprehensive solution for data storage, management, and analytics.
  4. Next-Gen Analytics: Unlock the potential of machine learning, AI, and state-of-the-art data analytics tools to extract valuable insights and drive business growth.
  5. Fortified Data Security: With advanced security protocols in place, the GP1000C guarantees the utmost protection for your data against potential threats.
  6. Seamless Integration: The GP1000C is crafted to integrate smoothly with your existing IT landscape, ensuring a hassle-free setup and minimal operational disruptions.


  • Optimized Efficiency: Streamline your data operations, from processing to analytics, enabling your team to focus on deriving strategic insights.
  • Economical Solution: Consolidate your data infrastructure, leading to significant savings in operational costs and total ownership expenses.
  • Future-Ready Design: With its forward-thinking architecture, the GP1000C ensures your enterprise is equipped to handle evolving data challenges and analytical demands.


Perfect for large-scale enterprises across industries such as finance, healthcare, e-commerce, and telecommunications, the EMC Greenplum Data Computing Appliance V1 GP1000C is the ultimate tool for organizations aiming to leverage their data for competitive advantage.


In today's data-centric business landscape, the EMC Greenplum Data Computing Appliance V1 GP1000C emerges as a beacon of reliability and performance. Whether you aim to refine your data management strategies or dive deep into transformative analytics, the GP1000C is your trusted partner. Elevate your data game with the unmatched prowess of the GP1000C.

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