Hitachi AMS 1000

End of life Date:
June 30, 2009
Storage Device

The Adaptable Modular Storage (AMS) models from Hitachi (AMS 1000) provide performance and scalability in a compact design. All three AMS models support dual iSCSI and Fibre Channel host connections to enable storage system consolidation. For high-I/O applications, cache partitioning and dedicated cache can maximise performance. For effective migration from the cache to the disc drives, cache partitions and segments can be extended or contracted, and cache partitions can be aligned to match RAID stripe sizes. The non-disruptive relocation of a volume inside the storage device is made possible by the Hitachi Modular Volume Migration software. Volumes can be migrated between RAID groups across storage tiers (SATA to Fibre Channel, Fibre Channel to SATA), between different RAID sizes, or between different RAID kinds (RAID-5 to RAID-6, RAID-6 to RAID-5). No volume re-mounting is necessary when moving any volume while it is being accessed. Maximum uptime is supported with redundant, hot-swappable components and Hitachi's Hi-Track Monitor. To provide access to data in the event of any component failure, volumes can be joined to a server through two ports on separate controllers.

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