Hitachi AMS 200

End of life Date:
June 30, 2009
Storage Device

The Hitachi AMS 200 Adaptable Modular Storage Array is an all-SATA storage platform that can manage various data requirements, including consolidations, first SAN deployment, NAS access, backup, and even data archiving. It can also handle Microsoft Exchange Server and MSSQL Server, among other business applications. A cheap data option is the Hitachi AMS 200 Adaptable Modular Storage Array. Small to medium-sized organisations that require the same capabilities as their corporate big brothers will benefit significantly from the Hitachi AMS 200 Adaptable Modular Storage Array. It can accommodate even the most complicated storage infrastructures and tackle the difficulties of rising data expansion, availability, protection, and regulatory compliance. Using a centralised storage system will save management complexity and expense. Make use of software applications that are simple to use for configuration and management.

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