Hitachi AMS 2100

End of life Date:
September 30, 2012
Storage Device

The Hitachi AMS 2100 (Adaptable Modular Storage) is a standalone storage system that can be used for data consolidation and high-volume applications. The AMS 2100 is also intended for use as modular storage for lower-tier data storage, remote office storage, tape displacement solutions, virtual tape, and disaster recovery. The Hitachi AMS 2100 Disk Array supports all Fibre channels, iSCSI, and RAID-6 disc configurations. The HITACHI AMS 2100 can also mix SAS, and SATA disc drives with Flash drives in the same tray. The HITACHI AMS 2100 uses high-density storage trays that can hold up to 48 3.5" discs in a 4U high tray or up to 24 2.5" discs in a 2U high tray as a solution. One rack can accommodate almost 1 petabyte of storage capacity. As more drives are added to the system, the AMS 2100 continues to improve because of the enormous bandwidth that the SAS architecture provides to the drives. Front-to-back I/O load balancing is provided by integrated, automated dynamic load balancing controllers in the HITACHI Modular Adaptable Storage 2100. Doing this ensures that both controllers receive an equal share of I/O traffic from hosts to disc drives.

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