Hitachi Compute 520H B1

End of life Date:
Server Computer

The Hitachi Compute 520H B1 is a powerful server computer, intricately engineered to cater to the multifaceted demands of contemporary data centers. Manufactured by Hitachi, this server epitomizes dependability and superior performance, ensuring that your data center functions operate with utmost precision and effectiveness.

Key Features:

  • End of Life Date: (Information not provided, you might want to contact Thomastech for this detail.)
  • OEM: Manufactured by Hitachi, a distinguished name in the industry, guaranteeing the server’s durability and excellence.
  • Type: Identified as a server computer, it is adept at efficiently managing network resources and executing a plethora of data center responsibilities.


  • Quality Assurance: Thomastech’s steadfast dedication to quality guarantees that the Hitachi Compute 520H B1 meets rigorous standards.
  • Comprehensive Solutions: Thomastech delivers all-encompassing solutions, ensuring the server’s flawless integration into your data center activities.
  • Expert Support: Thomastech’s continuous expert support guarantees a transformative and enhanced data center experience.

Applications: The Hitachi Compute 520H B1 is ideal for data centers necessitating sturdy and dependable server computers, proficiently managing a multitude of tasks, ensuring operational smoothness and reliability.

Summary: In the domain of data center functionalities, the Hitachi Compute 520H B1 stands out as a formidable and trustworthy server computer. Its architecture and features exemplify its ability to augment the efficacy and dependability of your data center, supported by Thomastech's unwavering dedication to quality and holistic solutions.

thomastech's unwavering commitment to quality, comprehensive solutions, and round-the-clock expertise transformed our Data Center journey." - John T.

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