Hitachi Compute Blade 520H B2 (with CNA)

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With the most recent Intel Xeon E5 and E7 family CPUs, the Hitachi Compute Blade 520H B2 offers improved processing power and performance, exceptional scalability and configuration flexibility. It provides a selection of integrated switched-fabric networking choices and expands the advantages of Hitachi logical partitioning to additional areas of the enterprise data centre. Up to two CPUs can fit into each standard-width blade, and up to four can fit into each double-width edge in versions with standard and double-width blades. The standard CB520H blade has 24 slots for high-speed, DDR4-registered ECC memory DIMMs and is equipped with the E5-2600 processor. When 32GB DIMM modules are utilised, it supports hardware RAID on up to two hot-pluggable, front-side accessible, serial-attached SCSI (SAS), solid-state disc (SSD) drives, and up to 768GB of shared memory. Each double-width CB540A blade has 48 DIMM slots and four E5-4600 processors. Either of the two available extension blades can be used to increase the capabilities of the CB520H blade. These blades can be paired with a computing blade to increase the blade's capacity for storage or I/O expansion. Thanks to these expansion blade types, a CB 500 system can handle PCIe-based flash for application acceleration and graphics processing units (GPUs) for virtual desktop deployments.

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