Hitachi Compute Blade 520X B2

End of life Date:
May 28, 2017
Server Compute

With the most recent Intel Xeon E5v2 and E7v2 family CPUs, Hitachi Compute Blade 500 (CB 500) offers exceptional computing power, performance, and unrivalled scalability and configuration flexibility. It provides a selection of integrated switched-fabric networking choices and expands the advantages of Hitachi logical partitioning to additional areas of the enterprise data centre. The CB520X blade supports Hitachi multiblade SMP connection technology and can run up to two Intel E7v2 series processors. You can expand up to four connected CB520X blades with it to create an 8-socket SMP system with 192 memory DIMM slots. CB520X blades can be arranged in groups of two or four and can be expanded incrementally by adding blades. In this manner, computation, memory, and I/O capability increase jointly to handle heavy workloads and demands for enormous amounts of memory. Fast implementation and expedited time-to-value for your application are made possible by a dedicated LCD control panel and a streamlined USB-enabled configuration setup. Simple, tool-free access facilitates configuration, setup, or upgrades quickly and allows customers to replace key modules at a lower service cost for routine maintenance. The Hitachi Compute Blade 500 offers a variety of network connectivity choices, including convergent switched-fabric architectures, Fibre channels, high-speed integrated fabric switching, and future-proof shared access to high-speed IP networking. Reduce complexity and cabling in your data centre by connecting virtually any network infrastructure. CB520X Server Blade: • CPU: • CPU:Intel XeonE7-8800v2 or E7-4800v2 series • Number of sockets: 2 (per blade) • Memory: • DIMM type: Registered ECC DDR3 • Number of slots: 48 (single blade) • Maximum memory capacity: 1.5TB (32GB DIMM) (Single Blade) • Management Interface: • BMC/rKVM: SHcore based • Management LAN: 1GbEthernet

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Items Specifications:-

Model Hitachi Compute Blade 520X B2 / BladeSymphony BS2500 HE0A2 / BladeSymphony BS2500 HE0E2 / BladeSymphony BS520X B2

Processor Intel® Xeon® processor E7 v3 Product Family (Intel Haswell EX)

Type "Intel® Xeon®
E7-8890v3" "Intel® Xeon®
E7-8880v3" "Intel® Xeon®
E7-8893v3" "Intel® Xeon®
E7-4850v3" "Intel® Xeon®
E7-4820v3" "Intel® Xeon®

Frequency 2.5GHz 2.3GHz 3.2GHz 2.2GHz 1.9GHz 2.0GHz

Number of cores 18 18 4 14 10 8

Cache memory capacity 45MB 45MB 45MB 35MB 25MB 20MB

Number of processors Max. 8 (Max. 2 /blade) Max. 4 (Max. 2 /blade)

Memory Type DDR4 RDIMM 8GB/16GB/32GB, LRDIMM 64GB(*7)

Capacity Max. 12,288GB (Max. 3,072GB /blade)(*7) Max. 6.144GB (Max. 3,072GB /blade)(*7)

Number of DIMM slots Max. 192 (Max. 48 /blade) Max. 96 (Max. 48 /blade)

Internal HDD Type 2.5-inch SAS HDD, SSD

Number of disks Max. 8 (Max. 2 /blade) Max. 4 (Max. 2 /blade)

RAID Controller LSI SAS 3004

RAID level RAID level : 0, 1

VGA Controller G200eR2 (Renesas SH7757 embedded)

Standard Interface USB 3.0 : Max. 4ports (Max. 1port /blade) USB 3.0 : Max. 2ports (Max. 1port /blade)

Security "Trusted Platform Module (TPM1.2 ver116)
Intel Trusted Execution Technology"

Model Hitachi Compute Blade 520X B2 / BladeSymphony BS2500 HE0A2 / BladeSymphony BS2500 HE0E2 / BladeSymphony BS520X B2

w/ Onboard LAN model w/o Onboard LAN model

Network Number of ports Max. 16 (4 /blade) -

Interface 10Gb/1Gb Ethernet 4port -

Controller Emulex Corporation OneConnect (XE100) -

Expansion Slot Number of internal mezzanine slots Max. 8 (Max. 2 /blade)(*2) Max. 16 (Max. 4 /blade)(*3)