Hitachi Compute Blade 520X B3 (CB520XB3)

End of life Date:
December 31, 2017
Server Compute

Up to eight server blades and four switch modules can fit inside the 6U server chassis. The 6U server chassis requires less room, uses fewer wires, and weighs less than a 1U server chassis with an external rack mount network switch and FC switch. The internal backplane in the server chassis serves as the connection between each module. Therefore, a convoluted cable connection is not required. The simplest way to add a server blade to a chassis is to place it in an available slot. The system is made to combine current rack-mount server platforms, consolidate servers, and run in a data centre. Switch modules can be chosen based on your requirements. It is possible to create redundant configurations for management modules, switch modules, power supply modules, and fan modules, allowing the system to function even if one of the modules fails. A server chassis houses the power supplies needed for server blades. So, a relatively tiny area can supply stable electric power. To save space, the external interface is shared by several server blades utilising a switching function. The CB 520 X B3 server chassis has the following salient characteristics: • Up to 8 half-width multi-core 2-socket processor blades • Up to 4 full-width multi-core, four-socket processor blades • Up to 4 modular, high-throughput IO switch modules • Backplane with a high-density laminate for upcoming IO interfaces • Power capping and 80 PLUS Platinum power supply with energy-saving technologies • High levels of reliability, availability, and maintenance (RAS), including customer serviceability and numerous redundant configurations

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Items Specifications:-

Model Hitachi Compute Blade 520X B3 / BladeSymphony BS2500 HE0A3 / BladeSymphony BS2500 HE0E3 / BladeSymphony BS520X B3

Processor Intel® Xeon® Processor E7 v4 Product Family (Intel Broadwell EX)

Type "Intel®
E7-8890v4" "Intel®
E7-8880v4" "Intel®
E7-8893v4" "Intel®
E7-8891Av4" "Intel®
E7-4850v4" "Intel®
E5-4820v4" "Intel®

Frequency 2.20GHz 2.20GHz 3.20GHz 2.80GHz 2.10GHz 2GHz 2.10GHz

Number of cores 24 22 4 10 16 10 8

Cache memory capacity 60MB 55MB 60MB 60MB 40MB 25MB 20MB

Number of Processors Max. 8(Max. 2/blade) Max. 4(Max. 2/blade)

Memory Type DDR4 RDIMM 16GB/32GB/64GB

Capacity Max. 12,288GB (Max. 3,072GB /blade) Max. 6.144GB (Max. 3,072GB /blade)

Number of DIMM slots Max. 192 (Max. 48 /blade) Max. 96 (Max. 48 /blade)

Internal HDD Type 2.5-inch SAS HDD, SSD

Number of disks Max. 8 (Max. 2 /blade) Max. 4 (Max. 2 /blade)

RAID Controller LSI SAS 3004

RAID level RAID level : 0, 1

VGA Controller G200eR2 (Renesas SH7758 embedded)

Standard Interface USB 3.0 : Max. 4ports (Max. 1port /blade) USB 3.0 : Max. 2ports (Max. 1port /blade)

Security Trusted Platform Module (TPM2.0)

Intel Trusted Execution Technology

Model Hitachi Compute Blade 520X B3 / BladeSymphony BS2500 HE0A3 / BladeSymphony BS2500 HE0E3 / BladeSymphony BS520X B3

w/ Onboard LAN model w/o Onboard LAN model

Network Number of ports Max. 16 (4 /blade) -

Interface 10Gb/1Gb Ethernet 4port -

Controller Emulex Corporation OneConnect (Emulex XE100) -

Expansion Slot Number of internal mezzanine slots Max. 8 (Max. 2 /blade)(*2) Max. 16 (Max. 4 /blade)(*3)