Hitachi Compute Rack 210H (CR210H)

End of life Date:
October 31, 2015
Storage Device

Chassis type Rack type [1U]

CPU Supported CPU(clock speed) Intel® Xeon® Processor E5-2690(2.90GHz)/E5-2670(2.60GHz)/E5-2640(2.50GHz)/E5-2620(2GHz)/E5-2603(1.80GHz)/E5-2630L(2GHz)

Processor(Core/Tread) "Minimum 1 (Intel® Xeon® Processor E5-2690(2.90GHz)/E5-2670(2.60GHz):8core/16tread,
Maximum 2 (Intel® Xeon® Processor E5-2690(2.90GHz)/E5-2670(2.60GHz):16core/32tread,

Cache Memory - L1 cache/1CPU Data 32KB/core, Instruction 32KB/core

L2 cache/1CPU - 256KB/core

L3 cache/1CPU - "Intel® Xeon® Processor E5-2690(2.90GHz)/E5-2670(2.60GHz):20MB,
Intel® Xeon® Processor E5-2640(2.50GHz)/E5-2620(2GHz)/E5-2630L(2GHz):15MB,
Intel® Xeon® Processor E5-2603(1.80GHz):10MB"

Main bus(QPI) - "Intel® Xeon® Processor E5-2690(2.90GHz)/E5-2670(2.60GHz):8.0GT/s,
Intel® Xeon® Processor E5-2640(2.50GHz)/E5-2620(2GHz)/E5-2630L(2GHz):7.2GT/s,
Intel® Xeon® Processor E5-2603(1.80GHz): 6.4GT/s"

Chipset - Intel C600 chipset

Main Memory Capacity Min:2GB/Max:384GB [(Max192GB/CPU)×2]

Slot - 24[(12slot/CPU)×2]

Supported DIMM(*1) "DDR3-1600 Widerange Registered ECC (2048MB,4096MB,8192MB,16384MB),
DDR3-1333 Widerange Registered ECC (2048MB,4096MB,8192MB,16384MB),Mirror,Lockstep,Spare,Device tagging"

Graphic Accelerator Emulex Pilot3[onboard]


"Display resolution
(Display color)(*2)" "640 ×480 dots (16,770 thousand colors), 800 ×600 dots (16,770 thousand colors),
1,024 ×768 dots (16,770 thousand colors), 1,280 ×1,024 dots (16,770 thousand colors)"

"Hard Disk
(Built-in)(*3)" Capacity(*4) RAID0 Max 7.2TB(1.2TB×6)

RAID5 292GB(146GB×3)~6.3TB(1.2TB×6)

Support HDD capacity "2.5"" SAS HDD:146GB,300GB,450GB,600GB,900GB,1.2TB/ 2.5"" SATAⅡ HDD:500GB,1TB

Interface HDD:SAS2.0(6G),SATAⅡ/SSD:SATA(100GB,200GB),SAS(,400GB)

Rotation "HDD:10,000r/min(146GB/300GB/450GB/600GB/900GB/1.2TB)
15,000r/min(146GB/300GB), 7200r/min(500GB/1TB)"

Hotplug/Hotspare Supported

Disk controller Controller LSI SAS 2208

Interface SATAⅡ/SAS2.0

Cache 512MB/1GB (without/with cache backup module)

RAID level RAID 0,1,5,6,10,JBOD


Expnader bay 2.5"bay(HDD bay) 6

5"bay(removable) -

5"bay(ODD) 1

PCI slot "PCI-Express 3.0(×16) (Full Height/ Full Length):1,
PCI-Express 3.0(×8) (Low profile [MD1]):1, PCI-Express 3.0(×8):1(For LAN Riser Board)"

Standard interface Standard interface "Display(mini D-SUB15pins)×1,serial(D-SUB9pins)×1,
USB 2.0 (2 in front and 4 in rear)×6(*5)"

LAN Controller Broadcom® BCM5718×1[onboard/PCI],BCM57810S×1[PCI], SMSC LAN8700C×1[onboard, for remate management]

Interface "1000BASE-T/100BASE-TX/10BASE-T×2(RJ-45)[onboard/PCI],
100BASE-TX/10BASE-T×1(RJ-45)[onboard, for remate management]

Wake On LAN Supported

Dimensions(*6) 440(W × 755(D) × 44.0(H) mm

Mass(Max)(*7) About 15.7kg(19.9kg)

Power Supply Spec 800W (80PLUS® Platinum)

Voltage 100-120 VAC ± 10% (50/60 Hz), 200-240 VAC ± 10% (50/60 Hz)

"Type of electrical outlet
(Number of AC cables)" "Grounded two-pole electrical outlet
(1(Standard) / 2(When redundancy is enabled)"

Redundant power supply Supported(1(Standard) +(Optional)) (hot plug supported)

Redundancy FAN Supported(Hotplug no supported)

Baseboard management module(BMC) Supported [IPMI1.5Conformity (IPMI2.0 Conformity]

Electric power control Dynamic Power capping

Standard Power consumption(*8) AC100V:444W,AC200V:437W

Max Power consumption AC100V:677W,AC200V:661W

Max Consumption current AC100V:9.2A,AC200V:4.4A

ENERGY STAR® No supported

Noise(*9) 60dB or less

Temperature/Humidity conditions(no operation) Temperature:10~35°C(0~40°C)/Humidity conditions:20~80%(10~90%) However, the thing which is not dewed)

Product content chemical management RoHS

"Compliance with environmental regulations/
restrictions for hazardous substances" REACH

Compliance with safety regulation UL, CB (UL GS, IRAM, BSMI, GOST-R, CCC)

Compliance with EMC regulations FCC Class A, EN55022/55024 ,KCC, C-TICK, BSMI, GOST-R,CCC,GS-Mark,IRAM,VCCI

Install OS -

Support OS- Windows Server® 2012 R2 Standard /Windows Server® 2012 Standard /Windows Server® 2008 R2 Enterprise (SP less/SP1)/Windows Server® 2008 R2 Standard (SP less/SP1)/Red Hat Enterprise Linux 5.7(x86)/Red Hat Enterprise Linux 5.7(AMD/Intel 64)/Red Hat Enterprise Linux 5.9(x86)/Red Hat Enterprise Linux 5.9(AMD/Intel 64)/Red Hat Enterprise Linux Server 6.2(32-bit x86)/Red Hat Enterprise Linux Server 6.2(64-bit x86_64)/Red Hat Enterprise Linux Server 6.4(32-bit x86)/Red Hat Enterprise Linux Server 6.4(64-bit x86_64)/Red Hat Enterprise Linux Server 6.5(32-bit x86)/Red Hat Enterprise Linux Server 6.5(64-bit x86_64)

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