Hitachi Compute Rack 220H (CR220H)

End of life Date:
October 31, 2015
Storage Device

"On the motherboard of the system unit of Hitachi Compute Rack 220H (CR220H), there is a Baseboard Management Controller (BMC) that performs extra tasks for power management and operating status monitoring. Additionally, the system unit comes with a management interface exclusive to the BMC and allows for initialization of the BMC and remote access via LAN. A Web console with a standard feature is employed for remote access. With the help of the Remote Console application, you may utilize the system unit's keyboard, mouse, and remote console feature, which displays the system unit's screen from a distance. You can also use the remote device feature to use a virtual floppy disc or CD/DVD as a remote device. This enables you to install tools from the virtual CD/DVD on the system and remotely control the BIOS or OS of the system unit."

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Model Hitachi Compute Rack 220H RAID5(SAS2.0)

Chassis type Rack type [2U]

CPU Supported CPU(clock speed) Intel® Xeon® Processor E5-2690(2.90GHz)/E5-2670(2.60GHz)/E5-2640(2.50GHz)/E5-2620(2GHz)/E5-2603(1.80GHz)/E5-2630L(2GHz)

Processor(Core/Tread) "Minimum 1 (Intel® Xeon® Processor E5-2690(2.90GHz)/E5-2670(2.60GHz):8core/16tread,
Maximum 2(Intel® Xeon® Processor E5-2690(2.90GHz)/E5-2670(2.60GHz):16core/32tread,

Cache Memory L1 cache/1CPU Data 32KB/core, Instruction 32KB/core

L2 cache/1CPU 256KB/core

L3 cache/1CPU "Intel® Xeon® Processor E5-2690(2.90GHz)/E5-2670(2.60GHz):20MB,
Intel® Xeon® Processor E5-2640(2.50GHz)/E5-2620(2GHz)/E5-2630L(2GHz):15MB,
Intel® Xeon® Processor E5-2603(1.80GHz):10MB"

Main bus(QPI) "Intel® Xeon® Processor E5-2690(2.90GHz)/E5-2670(2.60GHz):8.0GT/s,
Intel® Xeon® Processor E5-2640(2.50GHz)/E5-2620(2GHz)/E5-2630L(2GHz):7.2GT/s,
Intel® Xeon® Processor E5-2603(1.80GHz): 6.4GT/s"

Chipset Intel C602 chipset

Main Memory Capacity Min:4GB/Max:384GB [(Max192GB/CPU)×2]

Slot 24[(12 slot/CPU)×2]

Supported DIMM(*1) "DDR3-1600 Widerange Registered ECC (2048MB,4096MB,8192MB,16384MB),
DDR3-1333 Widerange Registered ECC (2048MB,4096MB,8192MB,16384MB),Mirror,Lockstep,Spare,Device tagging"

Graphic Accelerator Emulex Pilot3[onboard]


"Display resolution
(Display color)(*2)" "640 ×480 dots (16,770 thousand colors), 800 ×600 dots (16,770 thousand colors),
1,024 ×768 dots (16,770 thousand colors), 1,280 ×1,024 dots (16,770 thousand colors)"

"Hard Disk
(Built-in)(*3)" Capacity(*4) RAID0 Max 7.2TB(900GB×8)

RAID5 292GB(146GB×3)~6.3TB(900GB×8)

Support HDD capacity "HDD:146GB,300GB,450GB,600GB,900GB

Interface HDD:SAS2.0(6G) / SSD:SATA(100GB,200GB),SAS(400GB)

Rotation "HDD:10,000r/min(300GB/450GB/600GB/900GB),

Hotplug/Hotspare Supported

Disk controller Controller LSI SAS 2208

Interface SAS2.0/SATAⅡ

Cache 512MB/1GB (without/with cache backup module)

RAID level RAID 0,1,5,6,10,JBOD


Expnader bay 3.5"bay(HDD bay) 8

5"bay(removable) 1

5"bay(ODD) 1

PCI slot "PCI-Express 3.0(×8) (Full Height/ Full Length):2,
PCI-Express 3.0(×4) (Low profile [MD1]):2,
PCI-Express 3.0(×8) (Full Height/ Full Length):1(*5)
PCI-Express 3.0(×8):1(for LAN Riser Board)"

Standard interface Standard interface "Display(mini D-SUB15pins)×1,serial(D-SUB9pins)×1,
USB 2.0 ×6(front 2, rear 4)(*6)"

LAN Controller Broadcom® BCM5718×1[onboard/PCI],BCM57810S×1[PCI], SMSC LAN8700C×1[onboard, for remate management]

Interface "1000BASE-T/100BASE-TX/10BASE-T×2(RJ-45)[onboard/PCI],
100BASE-TX/10BASE-T×1(RJ-45)[onboard, for remate management]

Wake On LAN Supported

Dimensions(*7) 492(W × 777(D) × 87.0(H) mm

Mass(Max)(*8) 20.8kg(30.4kg)

Power Supply Spec 800W (80PLUS® Platinum)

Voltage AC100V/AC200V± 10% 50/60Hz

"Type of electrical outlet
(Number of AC cables)" "Grounded two-pole electrical outlet
(1(Standard) / 2(When redundancy is enabled)"

Redundant power supply Supported(1(Standard) +(Optional)) (hot plug supported)

Redundancy FAN Supported (option,for hotplug,LTO loading and exclusion)

Baseboard management module(BMC) Supported [IPMI1.5Conformity (IPMI2.0 Conformity]

Electric power control Dynamic Power capping

Standard Power consumption(*9) AC100V:644W,AC200V:631W

Max Power consumption AC100V:880W,AC200V:852W

Max Consumption current AC100V:10.4A,AC200V:5.1A

ENERGY STAR® No supported

Noise(*10) 62dB or less

Temperature/Humidity conditions(no operation) Temperature:10~35°C(0~40°C)/Humidity conditions:20~80%(10~90%) However, the thing which is not dewed)

Product content chemical management RoHS

"Compliance with environmental regulations/
restrictions for hazardous substances" REACH

Compliance with safety regulation UL, CB (UL GS, IRAM, BSMI, GOST-R, CCC)

Compliance with EMC regulations FCC Class A, EN55022/55024 ,KCC, C-TICK, BSMI, GOST-R,CCC,GS-Mark,IRAM,VCCI

Install OS -

Support OS Windows Server® 2012 R2 Standard /Windows Server® 2012 Standard /Windows Server® 2008 R2 Enterprise (SP less/SP1)/Windows Server® 2008 R2 Standard (SP less/SP1)/Red Hat Enterprise Linux 5.7(x86)/Red Hat Enterprise Linux 5.7(AMD/Intel 64)/Red Hat Enterprise Linux 5.9(x86)/Red Hat Enterprise Linux 5.9(AMD/Intel 64)/Red Hat Enterprise Linux Server 6.2(32-bit x86)/Red Hat Enterprise Linux Server 6.2(64-bit x86_64)/Red Hat Enterprise Linux Server 6.4(32-bit x86)/Red Hat Enterprise Linux Server 6.4(64-bit x86_64)/Red Hat Enterprise Linux Server 6.5(32-bit x86)/Red Hat Enterprise Linux Server 6.5(64-bit x86_64)