Hitachi HUS 110

End of life Date:
June 30, 2016
Storage Device

The Hitachi HUS 110 represents an advancement in uniformly managing block, file, and object data (through the Hitachi Content Platform) without sacrificing performance, scalability, or cost effectiveness. Organizations can achieve their expansion needs and business objectives with a highly effective unified architecture while streamlining their daily operations. They can lower overall costs and swiftly change to accommodate shifting storage settings. HUS allows an efficient and adaptable data infrastructure when used in conjunction with Hitachi Command Suite management software. The HUS 110 family offers a balanced method of scalability that allows investments to grow more. A single system's capacity can increase to about 4 PB, and its performance can rise linearly to industry-leading levels. Extend the storage capacity of data sets using megaLUNs and fi systems to 256 TB and 128 TB, respectively. Unrestricted remote data copying of all types. Unrestricted remote data copying of all types.

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