Hitachi HUS 150

End of life Date:
June 30, 2016
Storage Device

The Hitachi HUS 150 Disk Array offers a well-balanced approach to scalability that increases the return on your investment. A single HUS 150 system's capacity can grow to around 4PB. The Hitachi Unified Storage HUS 150 Disk Array's incredible performance rises linearly to industry-leading levels. Scale data sets' capacity to 128 TB and Fi systems' capacity to 256 TB. You can remotely copy your data with the HUS 150 without any restrictions. This also includes limitless remote copying of all data. With its HITACHI HUS 150 Disk Array, unified storage is redefined. The HUS 150 assists you in meeting your storage, application, and performance needs while keeping the cost of your investment low and the rate of return on investment high, thanks to Hitachi's well-known reliability. The HITACHI HUS 150 Disk Array is designed to readily expand to meet changing requirements for vital business applications while providing storage for all kinds of data.

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