Hitachi NAS Platform (HNAS) SMU 400

End of life Date:
March 31, 2016
Storage Device

" Hitachi NAS Platform (HNAS) SMU 400 has a chassis with a maximum depth of 686 millimetres (27 inches), excluding the bezel, which is 3U (5.25 inches) height, 480 millimetres (19 inches) wide, and rack mountable. The chassis includes: • Front bezel • MMB (Main Motherboard) • MFB (Main FPGA Board) o Model 4040 uses an MFB o Models 4060 and 4080 use an MFB2 o Model 4100 uses an MFB2E • Hot-swappable fan assemblies o Model 4040 has two fans o Models 4060, 4080, and 4100 have dual fans • Dual power supplies • NVRAM backup battery pack • Dual 2.5-inch disk drives The server must be returned for repair if there is a problem with the motherboard (MMB) or field programmable gate array (MFB). MMBS and MFBs usually do not field replaceable (MMBS are not field replaceable). Many other parts can be changed on the spot, and some can be hot-swapped (they can be changed without shutting down the server). Power supply, an NVRAM backup battery pack, fan assemblies, and disc drives are field replaceable units (FRUS) examples. The server's specifications are as follows. These specs, the maximum for all server models, do not consider variances across models except for the power and cooling figures. Contact your agent if you would need more precise information about a particular model or configuration. Physical: • Weight: 25 kg (55 lb.) with a plastic bezel or 26 kg (57 lb.) with a metal bezel • Height: 132 mm. (5 in.) • Depth (including handles and bezel): 725 mm. (28.6 in.) • Width: 440 mm. (17.3 in.) • Rack space required: 3U (5.25 in.) "

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