Hitachi NSC55

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Storage Device

The Hitachi TagmaStore Network Storage Controller NSC55 offers universal replication, logical partitioning, and external storage virtualization in a rack-mounted, small-footprint device. It is driven by the Hitachi Universal Star NetworkTM crossbar switch architecture. Performance, availability, dependability, and sophisticated data/storage management and replication functions are all provided by the Hitachi NSC55 for entry-level businesses or specific departments in big corporations. To simplify their storage settings, it enables customers to combine various storage devices into a virtual pool and control them using a single, centralized panel. The NSC55 allows management of as much as 16PB of internal and external storage through a single console and scales up to 72TB of internal capacity. . It has eight logical partitions, controller-based virtualization and administration of up to 16PB of internal and attached storage, a dedicated cache, ports, and internal/external capacity, all of which are necessary to guarantee application quality of service.

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