Hitachi VSP 5200

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Storage Device

The Hitachi Virtual Storage Platform 5000 series is a data storage solution for enterprises that supports block, file, and mainframe applications. It includes the Hitachi Ops Center management software suite for efficiency, data security, enhanced analytics, and centralised administration. The VSP series 5000 have Max. Number of drivers, including spares- 33 NVMe SCM, 96 NVMe and 768 SFF SSD. To accommodate up to 33 million IOPS and 69PB of data, Hitachi Accelerated Fabric can scale from twin controllers with quad CPUs to 12 controllers with 24 CPUs. It has a lightning-fast 39μs Minimum Response Time. Due to the controller architecture, scaling up the system results in a more resilient solution and provides 99.999999 per cent data availability. Additionally, the platform supports various media types combined on the same storage platform, including SAS FMD, SSD, HDD to NVMe SSD, and SCM media.

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