Hitachi VSP E990

End of life Date:
September 30, 2022
Storage Device

Midsize businesses can choose between purchasing, leasing, or using the VSP E990 as a service. It offers the enterprise-class features of the company's flagship VSP 5000 family. With latencies as low as 64 microseconds and performance up to 5.8 million IOs per second, the VSP E990 offers an all-NVMe flash storage connection. It can expand up to 16.6 petabytes, has server-class memory compatibility, and can be upgraded to NVMe Over Fabric (NVMe-oF). The Hitachi Flash Assurance Program that it provides ensures complete data availability. The management software from the firm Hitachi Ops Center, which offers data security, infrastructure automation, telemetry analytics, and other management capabilities, is included with the array.

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