Hitachi VSP F1500

End of life Date:
September 30, 2020
Storage Device

With a new generation of purpose-built, Intel-based hardware, new cutting-edge features, and a change in direction to make the embedded Storage Virtualized Operating System (SVOS) the sole code stream for Hitachi block storage, the Hitachi Virtual Storage Platform F1500 continues to evolve Hitachi's virtualized storage architecture. The high-end, extremely dependable systems that came before it—the VSP and the previous USP—were the foundation for the VSP F1500 all-flash system. With the addition of non-disruptive scale-out capabilities, technology advancements have boosted performance, expanded usability with active-active stretched clusters, extended storage virtualization with Virtual Storage Machines (VSMs), and increased storage virtualization. Customers familiar with the older systems will be able to increase the value they gain from the scenario by taking advantage of the advanced capabilities and performance thanks to the seamless continuation of the Hitachi VSP. Thanks to the increased capabilities, the enlarged environments and streamlined operations of the Hitachi VSP high-end systems are possible. The HNAS can support up to 8 nodes in a cluster. The VSP F1500 all-flash system supports only block mode.

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