Hitachi VSP F370

End of life Date:
September 30, 2022
Storage Device

Physical dimension
(W x D x H) (mm)" 483 × 813 × 88 mm

Weight/Mass (kg) 16.1 kg

Start-up time (min)1 5 to 8 (min)

"Required height
(EIA unit)2" 2U

Heat output (W) 218 W

Power consumption (VA) 226 VA

Air flow (m3/min)3 4.0 (m3/min)

Supported data capacity 472.61, 945.23, 1890.46, 3780.92, 7561.85 GB

Maximum storage system capacity (physical capacity) 1,981 TiB (using 7.6 TB 2.5-inch SFF SSD)

Maximum mountable quantity (unit)1 24 (total per chassis) 288 (maximum per system)

Maximum number of spare drives2 24

RAID level* Flash drive mounted: 1/5/6

RAID configuration RAID1: 2D+2D, 4D+4D

RAID5: 3D+1P, 4D+1P, 6D+1P, 7D+1P

RAID6: 6D+2P, 12D+2P, 14D+2P

Maximum number of parity groups 96

Maximum volume size 3 TB (when using the LDEVs of other Storage Systems: 4TB)

Maximum volumes/host groups and iSCSI targets 2048

Maximum volumes/parity groups 2048

Control memory "Flash memory: 32 MB
L3 cache memory: 4 MB

Data assurance method "Data bus: Parity
Cache memory: ECC (1 bit correction, 2 bit detection)
Drive: Data assurance code

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