Hitachi VSP F800

End of life Date:
April 1, 2019
Storage Device

The Hitachi Virtual Storage Platform F800 is a rack-mountable, modular all-flash array storage system with several combinations of FMD DC2 flash storage devices with fixed storage capacities. No hard discs are included to consistently deliver low latency host response times and the highest IOP performance across all host connection ports. Dual controllers are in the storage systems to facilitate communication with a data host. Each controller has a processor, batteries, fans, and dual in-line cache memory modules (DIMMs). For out-of-band management, each controller also has an Ethernet connection. All hard discs are still accessible to data hosts via a redundant data way through the other controller if the data path through one controller fails. Controllers for storage systems can be changed. Network-attached storage (NAS) modules can be added to the storage system. In addition to the block access offered directly by iSCSI and Fibre Channel I/O modules, the NAS modules also offer file access through CIFS and NFS protocols and block access through iSCSI protocols. All types of storage systems enable the replacement of bad drives without affecting host computers' access to data. The fault-tolerant integrity of the logical industry can be protected by configuring a spare hot drive to replace a failing drive automatically. Hardly-based and self-contained, RAID logical drives offer the best performance in small external enclosures.

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