Hitachi VSP N800

End of life Date:
June 30, 2021
Storage Device

Maximum cache memory supported 512 GB

Maximum number of spare drives 64

Maximum number of RAID groups 480

Maximum volume size 3 TB (4 TB when using the LDEVs of other Storage Systems)

Maximum number of volumes per host groups 2,048

Maximum number of volumes per RAID group 2,048

Maximum number of DP pool volumes 4,096

Maximum number of DP pools 64

Maximum number of iSCSI hosts connected through a network switch 255

Maximum number of Fibre Channel devices connected through a Fibre Channel switch 255

Maximum storage system capacity (physical capacity) Using 2.4 TB HDD 2,656 TB

Using 10 TB HDD 14,098 TB

Using 7.6 TB SSD 8,711 TB

Using 14 TB FMD 8,106 TB


All storage systems offer pay-as-you-grow scalability by allowing you to hot-add drives as you need them.

Examples of supported VSP N800 configurations

The following table lists the maximum number of drive trays and drives supported in a system configuration. A diskless configuration does not include any drive trays.

Drive tray Maximum number of drive trays supported Maximum number of drives supported

SFF drive tray 48 1152 HDDs or SSDs

LFF drive tray 48 576 HDDs or SSDs

FMD drive tray 48 576 HAF flash module drives

Dense intermix drive tray 24 -

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