HPE 2TB 7.2K Small Form Factor (SFF) Disk Drive

End of life Date:
February 28, 2025
Storage Device

The HPE 2TB 7.2K SFF Disk Drive stands as an elite data storage solution tailor-made for businesses that underscore the need for quick, dependable, and spacious data storage. By leveraging HPE's expertise in storage technology, this disk drive offers an impeccable fusion of storage volume and speedy performance, housed within a compact footprint.

Key Features:

  1. High-Speed Data Access: With the 7.2K RPM specification, experience brisk data retrieval rates, ensuring applications and services function without a hitch.
  2. Compact Yet Capacious: The Small Form Factor doesn't compromise on volume, offering a hefty 2TB storage space to cater to extensive data requirements.
  3. Optimized Design: Integrating HPE's meticulous hardware design with advanced drive technology, this disk promises a holistic solution for data storage and access.
  4. Stable Performance: A steady 7.2K RPM ensures that data reads and writes maintain a consistent speed, optimizing overall system performance.
  5. Enhanced Data Security: With HPE's inherent security features, your data remains in a fortress, shielded from unauthorized accesses and potential vulnerabilities.
  6. Plug and Play Integration: The SFF Disk Drive is crafted to meld effortlessly with existing HPE systems and infrastructures, allowing for easy upgrades and replacements.


  1. Operational Streamlining: The combination of speed and volume ensures data operations are smooth, allowing teams to operate without storage-induced bottlenecks.
  2. Budget-Friendly: Offering a potent combination of features at a competitive price point, businesses can expect a premium storage experience without overstretching budgets.
  3. Future-Geared: The generous 2TB space ensures that as your storage needs mount, the disk drive remains a steadfast ally in your IT toolkit.

Perfect for diverse sectors like finance, healthcare, IT services, and many more, the HPE 2TB 7.2K SFF Disk Drive is the go-to for companies aiming for a balance between performance, volume, and form factor.

In today's digital landscape where data reigns supreme, the HPE 2TB 7.2K SFF Disk Drive emerges as a trusted partner. If your goals align with fortifying storage capabilities or ensuring swift data operations, this disk drive is a pivotal asset. Equip your enterprise with the HPE SFF Disk Drive, and anchor your data strategies on a foundation of reliability and excellence.‍

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