HPE 3PAR StoreServ 9000 (9450)

End of life Date:
May 1, 2027
Storage Device

The HPE 3PAR StoreServ 9000 (9450) Storage is an enterprise-class flash array that supports flexible IO host connectivity. It enables users to consolidate primary storage workloads for file, block, and object storage without sacrificing speed, scalability, data services, or reliability. This most recent 3PAR model, based on the tried-and-true 3PAR architecture, is designed explicitly for all-flash consolidation and provides the performance, simplicity, and agility required to support your hybrid IT environment. There is only one all-flash model of HPE 3PAR StoreServ 9000 Storage, the 9450, which provides comprehensive Tier-1 data services, quad-node resiliency, fine-grained Quality of Service (QoS), seamless data mobility between systems, high availability through a full suite of persistent technologies, and quick and effective data protection with a flat backup to HPE StoreOnce Backup appliances. HPE Primera 600 Upgrade Conversion Controller Kits are available for it. It can upgrade to HPE Primera and protect investments in SSD up to 100%. HPE Primera A670 or A670 1TB systems can be upgraded from HPE 3PAR 9450 systems without data migration. HPE 3PAR 9000/20000 2p 32Gb FC HBA can be used for high-performance Fibre Channel host connectivity. It boosts FC performance for 3PAR All-Flash storage and offers up to 2X performance compared to 16Gb FC in a smaller port footprint. Additionally, it contains an HPE 3PAR 750GB NVMe SCM Module, which reduces latency for specific volumes and greatly boosts the performance of AllFlash Arrays in particular applications. The array comes with the All-Inclusive Single-System Software, which provides every software element required to run a single HPE 3PAR Storage array. You have everything you need to get up and running quickly and effectively with the HPE 3PAR Operating System Software Suite. It serves as the core software for HPE 3PAR StoreServ Storage, bringing together cutting-edge virtualization capabilities with simple storage management, excellent efficiency, and exceptional performance.

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