HPE ConvergedSystem 750 (CS750)

End of life Date:
January 31, 2026
Server Compute

The CS750 is HPE's first converged solution, built on the HPE Synergy composable architecture, and it offers both the agility and resource optimization that come with a composable design and the simplicity and peace of mind from a proven stack. The solution is based on a widespread scale-out design and is extremely flexible. The CS750 offers a range of networking options, several storage options, and scaling from 2 to 252 HPE Synergy 480 compute modules. It can also accommodate up to 40 external HPE 3PAR and/or Nimble storage arrays. This adaptability allows the freedom of choice to satisfy a variety of needs. In accordance with proven configurations of HPE Converged Infrastructure components that can be sized and optimized for physical, virtual, or cloud-based application workloads, ordering decisions for server, storage, and networking components are made from a variety of options. Additional software and licencing options for VMware's vSphere, vCenter Server, and vRealize are available with the CS750 (the HPE Converged System 750 for VMware). Customers can get to optimal infrastructure the quickest with HPE ConvergedSystem 750, which is supplied on a single platform that offers both broad scalability and the option to move to the cloud when ready. The full end-to-end solution, including VMware software licences, is covered by HPE Proactive Care support and is available only through HPE. The system is built on a standard HPE Converged Infrastructure architecture, which offers increased flexibility in configuring computing and storage components. By scaling out the system with more computation and storage nodes, it is simple to expand the system to fulfil growing capacity needs thanks to the variety of combinations' ability to meet a wider range of unique requirements individually. A platform that has been optimized with a verified software firmware stack makes it perfect for a wide range of business applications.

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