HPE Integrity BL870C i2

End of life Date:
December 31, 2020
Server Computer

Feature Description:-

At a glance "HP BladeSystem c3000 Enclosure

HP BladeSystem c7000 Enclosure

HP BladeSystem c-Class Interconnect and Mezzanine Components"

Processor "One of the following depending on model
Quad-Core Processors
Intel Itanium 9320 ((1.33 GHz/4-core/16MB/155 W) up to 1.46 GHz with turbo) Processor

Intel Itanium 9340 ((1.6 GHz/4-core//20MB/185W) up to 1.73 GHz with turbo) Processor

Intel Itanium 9350 ((1.73 GHz/4-core/24MB/185 W) up to 1.86 GHz with turbo) Processor

Dual-Core Processors
Intel Itanium 9310 (1.6 GHz/2-core/10MB/130 W) Processor"

Upgradeability1 Upgradeable to four (4) processors

Cache memory "One of the following depending on Model
L2 Cache per core; 512KB Instruction, 256KB Data

L3 Cache; up to 24MB"

Internal drive support Supports up to (4) four Small Form Factor (SFF) SAS hot plug hard drives

Chipset Intel Boxboro

Memory2 "Type
DDR3 Registered memory modules (R-DIMMs)
16GB (4 x 4GB DIMMs)
768GB (48 x 16GB DIMMs)"

Network adapter "Eight (8) NIC (LOM) ports via (4) broadcom dual port flex-10 10 GbE multifunction server adapter3
One (1) additional 10/100 NIC dedicated to Integrity iLO 3 Management4"

Expansion slots Six (6) mezzanine slots, four (4) Type II and two (2) Type I, PCIe x8 Gen2

Integrated manageability "Integrity Integrated Lights-Out 3 (iLO 3)

Factory installed Integrity iLO 3 advanced pack license

HP BladeSystem c-Class onboard administrator

HP BladeSystem c-Class virtual connect"

Storage controller "Two (2) HP p410i 3Gb SAS controller

4 SAS channels (One to each HDD)

Supports RAID 0 (Future), RAID 1 (Future) and HBA mode options zero (0) cache, no cache options"

Maximum internal storage "Hot plug SAS

3.6TB SAS (4 x 900GB SAS)"

Graphics Integrated ATI RN50 1280 x 1024 x 16M color (128 MB DDR memory)

Graphics resolution supported "Resolution color depths
1280 x 1024, 16.7M , 64k, 256,16

1024 x 768, 16.7M, 64k, 256, 16

800 x 600, 16.7M, 64k, 256, 16

640 x 480, 16.7M, 64k, 256, 16"

FlexFabric support5 "Dual (2) ports via HP BLc NC551m dual port FlexFabric 10Gb converged network adapter.

Dual (2) ports via HP BLc NC551m dual port FlexFabric 10Gb converged network adapter."

InfiniBand support "Optional InfiniBand HCAs are supported by the HP Integrity BL860c i2 Server Blade. The mezzanine circuit board connects directly to the server blade system board.
HP 4X QDR InfiniBand ConnectX-2 dual port mezzanine HCA for c-Class BladeSystem (PN: 592519-B21)."

Fibre channel support "Optional fibre channel HBAs are supported by the HP Integrity BL870c i2. The mezzanine circuit board connects directly to the server blade system board.
8Gb Fibre Channel Host Bus Adapters (HBA):
QLogic QMH2562 8Gb Fibre channel HBA for c-Class BladeSystem (PN 451871-B21).

Emulex LPe1205 8Gb Fibre channel HBA for c-Class BladeSystem (PN 456972-B21)."

Compatible SAN HP Integrity BL870c i2 server blades are optimized for HP StorageWorks MSA, EVA and XP

Smart array controller support "Optional Smart Array controller is supported by BL870c. The mezzanine circuit board connects directly to the server blade system board and provides connection to off-blade SAS storage via a SAS interconnect switch module in the HP BladeSystem enclosure:
HP Smart Array P700m/512 4-ports ext PCIe x8 SAS controller ( PN 508226-B21).
Provides support for HP Zoned Storage for BladeSystem.

Zoneds storage solution requires compatible HP StorageWorks 600 modular disk system and HP StorageWorks 3Gb SAS blade switch.

Supports RAID 6 with Advanced Data Guarding (ADG)

Provides support for HP P2000 G3 MSA

Support for HP P2000 G3 MSA requires HP Storage 6Gb SAS blade switch.

Click here to view the HPE Smart Array P711m Controller QuickSpecs for additional information ."

HP USB options6 "External USB DVD drive with 6 ft USB extension cable is supported with c7000 enclosures.
Two (2) Internal USB ports on the BL870c i2

External USB DVD drive with 9 in USB cable

Power adaptor, power cable and USB Y-connector

6-foot USB extension cable"

Form factor "HP Integrity BL870c i2 server blade is a full-height, double wide (Occupies 2 slots) BladeSystem c-Class form factor.

The BL870c i2 server blade plugs into the BladeSystem enclosure. In the c7000 enclosure, 4 server blades are supported per 10U enclosure. 4 enclosures can be configured to a standard 42U rack; 16 BL870c i2 server blades can be configured in a fully populated rack.

In the c3000 enclosure, 2 BL870c i2 server blades are supported per 6U enclosure."

Hardware security "Administrator's password

Integrity iLO 3 access control- 19 customizable local user accounts with assignable rights for power, console, configuration, etc.

OA and Integrity iLO 3 Directory Services Integration (LDAP).

Integrity iLO 3 access via SSL encryption or SSH

Integrity iLO 3 access methods via web, SSH, etc. can be disabled.

SSL encryption on web console

Trusted Platform Module (TPM) option for secure cryptographic key storage, integrates with HP-UX security features."

Intelligent manageability7 "HP Integrity iLO 3

Virtual serial console (Multiple, mirrored sessions, with previous context and console log buffer).

Virtual power button control

iLO 3 Power measurement and integration with insight power manager.

Embedded system health and Integrity fault management diagnostics and troubleshooting:
Virtual front panel

Log access to integrity system event log

Forward progress Log blade power consumption reading.

Dedicated LAN connectivity

Automatic IP configuration via DHCP/DNS/WINS browser

Command Line and scripted access industry standard RC4, 128-bit Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) and Secure Shell (SSH) security.

Directory Services Integration (LDAP)

Support for 19 user accounts with customizable access privileges"

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