HPE Integrity BLC3000 Enclosure

End of life Date:
March 31, 2024
Server Compute

The HPE BladeSystem c3000 Platinum Enclosure gives HPE BladeSystem special abilities. Small offices or remote sites with minor or no IT staff should use the C3000. Applications calling for up to eight servers per enclosure, locations with constrained cooling and power options, and data centres needing power connections to 100-120V AC wall outlets or UPSes can also use it. You have total control over your c3000 bladed infrastructure thanks to the Intelligent Management provided by the Onboard Administrator, much like the c7000 enclosure. The moving components of your infrastructure's connections, power supplies, and fans, as well as its networking and redundancy, are repackaged in each C3000 enclosure. The practical characteristics of the affordable HPE c3000 solution let you make changes quickly and efficiently while saving time, hassle, and energy. As a result, setup, maintenance, and regular operations are made more convenient. Beyond only servers, the HPE BladeSystem c3000 Platinum Enclosure has other uses. In a single, deployable solution, it combines server, storage (NAS or iSCSI), networking, power/cooling, and management. The enclosure can communicate information to HPE Intelligent PDUs (iPDU) to automatically track enclosure power connections to the particular iPDU outlet, ensuring redundancy and preventing downtime. The intelligent infrastructure support, including Power Discovery Services, makes this possible. Regardless of the condition of the server operating system, you can manage your servers and exercise total control using the Onboard Administrator, iLO remote management, and HPE Insight Control. The c3000 Platinum Enclosure can quickly introduce a new server blade by plugging it in because it is pre-wired and pre-configured. Utilize 40% less space and up to 94% fewer wires than identical 1U rack mount servers. With options for UPSs, PDUs, 100-120V AC low-line wall outlets, 200-240V AC high-line outlets, and -48V DC power, you can deploy anywhere.

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