HPE Integrity RX2800 i6

End of life Date:
December 31, 2025
Server Compute

HPE Integrity RX2800 i6 Server delivers enterprise-level security in a 2U two-socket UNIX® server. An ideal fit for branch offices and rack-mount server data centres supporting a range of mission-critical workloads. Customers achieve platform longevity and investment protection with advanced processors that deliver backward compatibility while further enhancing performance with the support of the HPE XP7 Storage and HPE 3PAR All Flash Arrays. Customers can also leverage the recent HP-UX innovations, including the Veritas 6.1 File system support, online HP-UX vPAR migration, Smart Quorum with HPE Serviceguard, and HPE OpenStack support. With improvements to HP-UX and HPE Storage, it has increased platform value. The HPE Integrity rx2800 i6 Server expands HPE's capabilities in terms of mission-critical computing. Upgrade to the HPE XP7 and HPE 3PAR 8000 and 20000 series All-Flash Storage Arrays to lower IT TCO expenses while increasing I/O workload performance. The HPE Integrity rx2800 i6 Server has 6 PCIe Gen2 I/O slots, 9.6 TB of internal storage, 384 GB of system memory, and 16 cores that can scale up. Using HP-UX Virtual Partitions (vPars) and HPE Integrity Virtual Machines, you may consolidate numerous applications on fewer servers to reduce software licencing costs (VMs). The HPE Integrity rx2800 i6 Server uses fault isolation with HP-UX Virtual Partitions, hot-plug storage, N+N fans, and power supplies, as well as fault detection, correction, and isolation for the processor, cache, and main memory (vPars). The HP-UX 11i v3 operating system includes HPE Serviceguard for local or long-distance high availability and disaster recovery (DR) to increase security. The HPE Integrity rx2800 i6 Server offers flexible configuration options through the use of rack-mount or tower form factors. Expand to 16 cores, 384 GB of memory, 9.6 TB of storage, and 6 I/O slots after starting with four cores, 8 GB of memory, 300 GB of storage, and 2 I/O slots.

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