HPE Integrity Superdome 2 CB900s i6

End of life Date:
December 31, 2025
Server Compute

A new type of modular, mission-critical server called HPE Superdome 2 CB900s i6 (SD2) for HPE Integrity consolidates all tiers of critical applications into a single platform. Superdome 2 features a modular, bladed design and shared components with other HPE c-Class BladeSystems. It was built with the same trusted Superdome reliability. A standard server management framework, supported on platforms ranging from x86 to Superdome, is also part of the key systems. With more than 100 mission-critical advancements, it is the most recent Superdome server that builds upon the resilience of previous generations of HPE high-end servers. Superdome 2 sets the bar for mission-critical computing's next ten years with ground-breaking innovations, including the Superdome 2 Crossbar Fabric and Superdome 2 Analysis Engine combined with robust virtualization capabilities. With improved features, HPE Superdome 2 offers increased scalability, memory, and computational power without sacrificing performance. Superdome 2 now features green engineering from HPE blades. Scalability ranges from 2 to 32 sockets. Support for 8 sockets (8s), 16 sockets (16s), and 32 sockets (32s) Superdome 2 servers is provided by HPE Superdome 2. With up to 32 sockets, the Intel Itanium Processor 9700 series 8c offers up to 256 cores of processing capability. 512 DIMM slots provide a large memory footprint for even the most demanding applications with up to 8 TB of memory and a double-chip spare. There are 64 internal 10 GbE ports. With iCAP, GiCAP, and TiCAP, it has a full range of capacity-on-demand features. Upgrade paths from SD28s to SD216s and SD216 to SD232s socket SMP HPE with the built-in shared DVD.

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