HPE Nimble CS3000

End of life Date:
November 2, 2023
Storage Device

The HPE Nimble CS3000 Storage Adaptive Flash Arrays are similar to receiving two flash arrays in one. The array's flexibility comes from its creation for both primary and secondary flash workloads. For mixed-use primary workloads, when flash performance at an affordable price is essential, it is a hybrid flash array. Your backup data might serve as an additional flash array for backup and catastrophe recovery (DR). The flash-enhanced architecture and HPE InfoSight predictive analytics work together to deliver fast, dependable access to data with 99.9999% availability. The arrays are incredibly easy to set up and use, are cloud-ready, and enable data mobility to the cloud with HPE Cloud Volumes. Thanks to our technological and business model advancements, your storage investment will serve you far into the future. Inline variable block deduplication and compression are provided for more significant data reduction. Backup and disaster recovery (DR) workloads can use secondary flash storage functionality. The HPE Nimble CS3000 Storage Adaptive Flash Arrays automatically identify and resolve 86% of issues before noticing a problem. It offers a complete view of the infrastructure stack and handles matters outside the storage scope. Planning is made simpler with prescriptive estimates of bandwidth, performance, and capacity requirements. It is simple to deploy, set up, and operate HPE Nimble CS3000 Storage Adaptive Flash Arrays. With HPE Nimble Storage, you can use standard data services to deploy flash locally or in a public cloud. With less than one millisecond response times, the HPE Nimble CS3000 Storage Adaptive Flash Arrays are quicker and more effective than rival hybrid arrays for mixed workloads.

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