HPE Proliant DL385 G5

End of life Date:
June 30, 2014
Server Computer

The HPE Proliant DL385 G5 Server is a pinnacle of data computing, meticulously crafted for enterprises who place paramount importance on seamless data management and astute analytics. This server is a harmonious blend of HPE's renowned server technologies and its elite hardware, ensuring performance that is a class apart and scalability that is truly limitless.

Key Features:

  • High-Performance Computing: With the DL385 G5 at the helm, experience electrifying data processing speeds, ensuring that your analytics operations flow with unrivaled efficiency.
  • Scalability: Designed with an eye on the future, the DL385 G5 is primed to evolve in tandem with your enterprise, adeptly handling expanding data challenges without even a hint of performance degradation.
  • Integrated Solution: A synergistic confluence of HPE's robust hardware and server capabilities, the DL385 G5 manifests as a comprehensive solution for data storage, orchestration, and analytics.
  • Cutting-Edge Analytics: Dive deep into data with the DL385 G5. With integrated tools for machine learning, AI, and modern data analytics, it acts as your sherpa guiding you to actionable business intelligence.
  • Ironclad Data Security: With security at its bedrock, the DL385 G5 guarantees that your data fortress remains impervious to unauthorized breaches and intrusions.
  • Effortless Integration: Crafted for adaptability, the DL385 G5 melds seamlessly into your current IT blueprint, ensuring integration is hiccup-free and entails minimal operational interruptions.


  • Operational Excellence: Delegate the data heavy-lifting to the DL385 G5, allowing your cadre to zero in on gleaning insights and steering informed corporate strategies.
  • Financial Prudence: By amalgamating multifaceted data functionalities within a singular server, the DL385 G5 remarkably curtails both initial investment and ongoing operational costs.
  • Geared for Tomorrow: With a modular design philosophy, the DL385 G5 is not just for today but is a beacon ensuring you are ready for the data challenges of tomorrow.


The perfect arsenal for behemoths across sectors such as finance, healthcare, e-commerce, and more, the HPE Proliant DL385 G5 Server is the key for businesses aspiring to distill raw data into potent strategies and actionable pathways.


In an epoch dominated by data-centric strategies, the HPE Proliant DL385 G5 Server emerges as a fortress of reliability and prowess. Whether the mission is refining data avenues or unearthing deep-seated analytics, the DL385 G5 is your trusted lieutenant. Forge ahead into a data-driven future fortified with the DL385 G5.

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