HPE Proliant DL385 G6

End of life Date:
December 31, 2015
Server Computer

The HPE Proliant DL385 G6 Server is a cutting-edge data computing platform meticulously designed for organizations that understand the paramount importance of effective data management and deep analytics. Marrying the best of HPE's server expertise with its unparalleled hardware, the DL385 G6 ensures that businesses experience performance that's beyond ordinary and scalability that's future-ready.

Key Features:

  • High-Performance Computing: The DL385 G6 promises and delivers ultra-fast data computation, ensuring that your analytics operations are swift, smooth, and efficient.
  • Scalability: Designed with foresight, the DL385 G6 evolves as your business does, seamlessly accommodating burgeoning data needs without a dip in performance.
  • Integrated Solution: The fusion of HPE's esteemed hardware with its server technology gives the DL385 G6 an edge in providing a comprehensive solution for data storage, management, and analytics.
  • Advanced Analytics: Explore the vast terrains of data with the DL385 G6. Equipped with machine learning, AI, and high-end data analytics tools, it transforms data into tangible, strategic insights.
  • Robust Data Security: Built with stringent security standards, the DL385 G6 stands as a fortress against unauthorized data breaches, ensuring your data's safety.
  • Effortless Integration: Crafted with adaptability at its core, the DL385 G6 integrates flawlessly with existing IT environments, making transitions smooth with negligible downtime.


  • Operational Efficiency: With the DL385 G6, redirect the focus from mundane data operations to drawing out meaningful insights and informed decision-making.
  • Economic Sense: Consolidating myriad functionalities into a single server, the DL385 G6 significantly reduces both capital and operational expenses.
  • Ready for Tomorrow: The inherent modularity of the DL385 G6 ensures that your organization remains equipped for impending data and analytic challenges.


A beacon for enterprises across diverse sectors such as finance, healthcare, e-commerce, and more, the HPE Proliant DL385 G6 Server is the quintessential solution for businesses that envision their data as a tool for revolutionary insights and actions.


In this era, where data-centricity drives decisions, the HPE Proliant DL385 G6 Server emerges as an unparalleled solution. Whether your aim is to refine intricate data processes or dig deep with progressive analytics, the DL385 G6 remains your trusted ally. Pledge to the growth and innovation of your enterprise with the DL385 G6.

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