HPE Proliant DL585 G6

End of life Date:
June 1, 2012
Server Computer

The HPE Proliant DL585 G6 Server emerges as an advanced data computing fortress, crafted specifically for enterprises that have an unwavering commitment to optimizing data management and advanced analytics. Seamlessly melding HPE's engineering brilliance with top-of-the-line server technology, this server brings forth a performance and scalability that sets a benchmark in the industry.

Key Features:

  • High-Performance Computing: With the DL585 G6 at your command, witness a revolutionary speed in data processing, ensuring your analytics and computations are executed flawlessly.
  • Scalability: Engineered with an expansive vision, the DL585 G6 is adaptable and ready to scale in line with your growing business requirements, all the while maintaining impeccable performance.
  • Integrated Solution: Marrying HPE's esteemed hardware with the latest in server technology, the DL585 G6 offers a holistic package for data storage, computation, and streamlined management.
  • Pioneering Analytics: Dive into a realm of insights with the DL585 G6, equipped with machine learning, AI, and the latest in data analytics tools, enabling you to transform data into actionable strategies.
  • Solidified Data Management: Prioritizing security, the DL585 G6 is fortified with robust features, ensuring your critical data remains safeguarded from any unauthorized intrusions.
  • Flawless Integration: The DL585 G6 is adeptly designed to integrate without hiccups into pre-existing IT setups, promising a hassle-free migration and minimal operational interruptions.


  • Peak Efficiency: Harness the power of the DL585 G6 and see a dramatic decline in time spent on data operations, empowering your team to channel their efforts into insightful analysis and data-driven strategies.
  • Cost Mastery: Embodying a comprehensive server solution, the DL585 G6 notably reduces both capital and recurring costs, offering an economically efficient data management route.
  • Prepared for Tomorrow: The scalable architecture of the DL585 G6 is a testament to its readiness to adapt to the ever-changing landscape of data influx and analytical demands.


Tailor-made for powerhouses in finance, healthcare, e-commerce, among several other sectors, the HPE Proliant DL585 G6 Server stands as the beacon for businesses eager to unlock the immense potential of their data and channel it into meaningful insights.


In this era, where every decision pivots on insightful data, the HPE Proliant DL585 G6 Server shines brightly as a beacon of innovation and reliability. Be it refining intricate data operations or plunging deep into the ocean of analytics, the DL585 G6 is your steadfast ally. Propel your business into a brighter, data-driven future with the DL585 G6.

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