HPE Proliant ML350 G2

End of life Date:
December 31, 2011
Server Computer

Processor (One of the following depending on model) Intel Pentium III 1.40 GHz FC-PGA2 Processor

Intel Pentium III 1.26 GHz FC-PGA2 Processor

Cache Memory Integrated 512-KB Level 2 ECC cache (full speed)

Upgradability Upgradable to dual processing

Chipset ServerWorks LE 3.0 Chipset with 133-MHz Front Side Bus

"Note: For more information regarding ServerWorks, please see the following URL:

Memory (One of the following depending on model) Standard 256 MB (PC133-MHz ECC Registered SDRAM DIMM memory) (Array Models only)

Maximum 4 GB

Standard 128 MB (PC133-MHz ECC Registered SDRAM DIMM memory)

Maximum 4 GB

Network Controller Compaq NC3163 Fast Ethernet NIC (embedded) PCI 10/100 WOL (Wake On LAN)

Expansion Slots I/O (6 Total, 6 Available) PCI Voltage:

64-bit/33MHz, PCI 5 (5 available) (Array model has 4 available) 3.3 Volt

32-bit/33MHz, PCI 1 (1 available) 5 Volt

Storage Controller "Integrated Dual Channel Wide Ultra3 SCSI Adapter
Smart Array 532 Controller (Array Models Only)"

Storage Diskette Drives 1.44 MB


Hard Drives None

Maximum Internal Storage 1.174 TB (6 x 146.8 GB 1² with standard internal hot plug drive cage + (2 x 146.8 GB 1² ) with optional ML3xx Internal Two Bay Hot Plug SCSI Drive Cage)

External Storage Two external SCSI knockouts available, but requires optional ProLiant ML350 Internal to External SCSI Cable Option Kit (PN 159547-B22)

Interfaces Parallel 1

Serial 2

Pointing Device (Mouse) 1

Graphics 1

Keyboard 1

Network RJ-45 1

USB "2
Note: Please see the following URL for additional information regarding USB support:

External SCSI knockouts 2

Graphics Integrated ATI RAGE XL Video Controller with 8-MB SDRAM Video Memory

Form Factor Tower or rack (5U)

Product Demo "To view the Product Demo, please see the following URL, then click on

ProLiant Essentials Foundation Pack Software Insight Manager 7 Insight Manager 7 helps maximize system uptime and performance and reduces the cost of maintaining the IT infrastructure by providing proactive notification of problems before those problems result in costly downtime and reduced productivity. Insight Manager 7 is easy to set up and provides rapid access to detailed fault and performance information gathered by the Management Agents. One-click-access to the Remote Insight Lights Out Edition board allows systems administrators to take full graphical control of ProLiant servers in remote locations or lights-out data centers. Finally, Insight Manager 7 in concert with the Version Control Agents and Version Control Repository Manager enables systems administrators to version manage and update system software across groups of ProLiant servers.

Management Agents The Management Agents form the foundation for HP’s Intelligent Manageability strategy. They provide direct, browser-based access to in-depth instrumentation built into HP servers, workstations, desktops, and portables, and send alerts to Insight Manager 7 and other enterprise management applications in case of subsystem or environmental failures. For additional information about the Management Agents and other management products from HP, please visit the management website at https://www.hp.com/servers/manage.

SmartStart "SmartStart is a tool that simplifies server setup, providing a rapid way to deploy reliable and consistent server configurations. For more information, please visit the SmartStart website at https://www.hp.com/servers/smartstart.
SmartStart version supported (minimum): SmartStart 5.20"

ActiveUpdateä ActiveUpdate is a web-based application that keeps IT managers directly connected to HP for proactive notification and delivery of the latest software updates.

ROMPaqä, support software, and configuration utilities The latest software, drivers, and firmware fully optimized and tested for your ProLiant server and options.

Survey Utility and diagnostics utilities The most advanced configuration analysis, reporting and troubleshooting utilities used by HP and at your fingertips.

Optional ProLiant Essentials Value Packs "Optional software offerings that selectively extend the functionality of an Adaptive Infrastructure to address specific business problems and needs:Rapid Deployment Pack – an automated solution for multi-server deployment and provisioning, enabling companies to quickly and easily adapt to changing business demands.
Workload Management Pack – provides easier management of complex environments, improving overall server utilization and enabling WindowsÒ 2000 customers for the first time to confidently deploy multiple applications on a single multiprocessor ProLiant Server.
Recovery Server Option Pack – entry-level high availability software that will provide reliable protection and increased uptime against server hardware and operating system failures.
Performance Management Pack – a performance management solution that identifies and explains hardware performance bottlenecks on ProLiant servers and attached options enabling users to better utilize their valuable resources."

"Note: Flexible and volume quantity license kits are available for ProLiant Essentials Value Packs. Refer to https://www.hp.com/servers/ProLiantessentials or the various ProLiant Essentials Value Pack product QuickSpecs for more information.Note: For more information regarding ProLiant Essentials Software, please see the following URL: https://www.hp.com/servers/proliantessentials.
Note: These Web sites are available in English only."

Industry Standard Compliance ACPI V1.0B Compliant

PCI 2.2 Compliant

PXE Support

WOL Support

MicrosoftÒ Logo certifications

Manageability "Insight Manager 7
Redundant ROM
Remote Flash ROM
Remote Insight Lights-Out Edition (optional)
ProLiant RBSU (ROM-Based Setup Utility)
Automatic Server Recovery-2 (ASR-2)
Drive Parameter Tracking (with Smart Array Controller)
Dynamic Sector Repairing (with Smart Array Controller)
Pre-Failure Warranty (covers processors, memory and hard drives)"

Security "Power-on password
Setup password
Diskette boot control
Parallel and serial interface control
Disk configuration lock
Power switch security"

Server Power Cords "One Lowline power cord ships standard.
Note: Country specific power cords ship with all ProLiant ML350 G2 Models."

Power Supply "350 Watts, Power Factor Correction (PFC), Hot Plug 100 to 240 VAC Rated Input Voltage (Auto-sensing), CE Mark Compliant.
Note: Power Supply and optional Hot Plug Redundant Power Supply are shipped with their own fan.
Note: Optional Hot Plug Redundant Power Supply available (PN 237046-001)."

System Fans 1 fan ships standard. 1 total supported internally.

Required Cabling "For required cabling information, refer to the Web site at https://h18004.www1.hp.com/products/servers/proliantml350/index.html.
Note: This Web site is available in English only."

OS Support Microsoft Windows NTÒ Server 4.0

Microsoft BackOffice Small Business Server 2000

Microsoft Windows 2000 Server and Advanced Server

NovellÒ NetWareÒ 5.1

Novell NetWare Small Business Suite 5.1

SCOÒ OpenServer

SCO UnixWareÒ

IBM OS/2 Warp Family for e-business and Warp Server for e-business Convenience Pack

LINUXÒ (RedHatÒ , SuSEÒ , CalderaÒ eServer, Open Linux Server)

"Note: For a more complete and up-to-date listing of supported OSs and versions, please visit our OS Support Matrix at:
Note: Optional hardware may be required to support some operating systems."

"Note: For an up-to-date listing of the latest drivers available for the Compaq ProLiant ML350, please see:

Rack Airflow Requirements "Rack 9000 and 10000 series Cabinets
The increasing power of new high-performance processor technology requires increased cooling efficiency for rack-mounted servers. The Compaq 9000 and 10000 Series Racks provide enhanced airflow for maximum cooling, allowing these racks to be fully loaded with servers using the latest processors.
Rack 7000 series Cabinets
When installing a server with processors running at speeds of 550 MHz or greater in Compaq Rack 7000 series racks with glass doors (165753-001 (42U), and 163747-001 (22U)), the new processor technology requires the installation of High Airflow Rack Door Inserts ( 327281-B21 (42U), 327281-B22 (42U 6 pack), or 157847-B21 (22U)) to promote enhanced airflow for maximum cooling.
CAUTION: If a third-party rack is used, observe the following additional requirements to ensure adequate airflow and to prevent damage to the equipment:
Front and rear doors: If your 42U server rack includes closing front and rear doors, you must allow 5,350 sq cm (830 square inches) of hole evenly distributed from top to bottom to permit adequate airflow (equivalent to the required 64 percent open area for ventilation).
Side: The clearance between the installed rack component and the side panels of the rack must be a minimum of 7 cm (2.75 inches).
CAUTION: Always use blanking panels to fill all remaining empty front panel U-spaces in the rack. This arrangement ensures proper airflow. Using a rack without blanking panels results in improper cooling that can lead to thermal damage."

"Note: For additional information, refer to the Setup and Installation Guide or the Documentation CD provided with the server, or to the server documentation located in the Support section at the following URL:

Service and Support "HP Services provides a three-year, limited warranty, including Pre-Failure Warranty (coverage of hard drives, memory and processors) fully supported by a worldwide network of resellers and service providers. HP technical assistance is available 7x24, toll free in the United States and Canada. Telephone support services may be covered under warranty or available for an additional fee.
Note: Limited Warranty includes 3 year Parts, 3 year Labor, 3-year on-site support.A full range of CarePaqä packaged hardware and software services:
Installation and start up
Extended coverage hours and enhanced response times
System management and performance services
Availability and recovery services
Note: For more information, customer/resellers can contact https://www.hp.com/hps/.
Please see the following URL regarding Warranty Information For Your ProLiant Products: https://h18000.www1.hp.com/support/warranty_upgrades/
For additional information regarding Worldwide Limited Warranty and Technical Support, please see the following URL: ftp://ftp.compaq.com/pub/supportinformation/ejourney/176738.pdf."

Note: Certain restrictions and exclusions apply. Consult the Customer Support Center at 1-800-345-1518 for details.

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