HPE Simplivity 325 Gen 10

End of life Date:
February 1, 2027
Server Compute

HPE SimpliVity 325 offers HCI options with the 3rd Generation AMD EPYCTM single CPU processor platform that includes all-flash storage. The highly dense solution is a 1U enclosure, which is scalable in 1U increments and is perfect for remote offices or sites with limited space. The full software capabilities of HPE SimpliVity, including guaranteed data efficiency, integrated data protection, global virtual machine (VM)-centric management, and mobility, are offered to clients by each appliance, which has one node per 1U chassis. The HPE SimpliVity 325 Gen10 single-socket server is safe, adaptable, and perfect for virtualization and I/O-intensive applications in remote offices or small spaces. For 2P performance at 1P TCO, this 1P, 1U platform offers an excellent blend of processor, memory, and I/O. With this adaptable server, get more out of your virtualized environment while paying less for hypervisor software and paying less per virtual machine (VM). In its most recent software release, HPE SimpliVity now provides updates for VMware ESXi 7.0 in addition to a host of interesting new capabilities. Easily using Cloud Bank with HPE Backup Archives is available too. With automatic wellness alerts and case development, support issues are lessened, and operational costs are decreased. It also gives a unified picture of the assets in HPE SimpliVity, including datastores, virtual machines, backups, capacity, and IOPS. Complete system integration utilizes a single socket, an entry-level hyper-converged system with a reduced form factor that combines x86 resources, storage, and storage networking. Increases visibility and control while streamlining management and providing excellent cost-effectiveness and agility. Simple, effective, and flexible backup directly to the cloud from a data center or numerous on-premises edge sites is made possible by HPE SimpliVity with HPE Cloud Volumes Backup. When your demands change, configurations are easily expanded or contracted with them.

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