HPE Simplivity 380 Gen 9 Nodes

End of life Date:
December 31, 2023
Server Computer

The HPE Simplivity 380 Gen 9 Nodes is a cutting-edge hyperconverged infrastructure tailored for businesses that put paramount emphasis on streamlined data management and advanced analytics. This solution artfully merges the strengths of HPE's sophisticated software capabilities with its state-of-the-art hardware, guaranteeing exceptional performance and adaptability.

Key Features:

  1. High-Velocity Computing: With the Simplivity 380 Gen 9, dive into a world of rapid data handling, ensuring seamless and efficient analytical operations.
  2. Dynamic Scalability: Conceived with an expansive vision, the Simplivity 380 Gen 9 effortlessly adapts to the ever-growing data needs of your business without sacrificing its performance caliber.
  3. Holistic Solution: Representing the synthesis of HPE's impeccable hardware and software prowess, this node offers an integrated platform for comprehensive data storage, management, and analysis.
  4. State-of-the-Art Analytics: Utilize the vast potential of machine learning, AI, and other modern analytical tools with the Simplivity 380 Gen 9, transforming raw data into invaluable business insights.
  5. Robust Data Security: Enhanced with integrated security functionalities, the Simplivity 380 Gen 9 stands as a fortress, ensuring the sanctity of your data against potential threats and unauthorized access.
  6. Effortless Integration: Designed with adaptability at its core, the Simplivity 380 Gen 9 fits smoothly into pre-existing IT ecosystems, guaranteeing a hassle-free implementation and negligible operational interruptions.


  1. Peak Efficiency: With the Simplivity 380 Gen 9, dramatically curtail time and resources expended on data operations, enabling your team to centralize their focus on insight generation and strategic alignment.
  2. Cost Leadership: By fusing multiple data-related functionalities into this single node, the Simplivity 380 Gen 9 emerges as a paragon of cost-effectiveness, driving down total ownership costs and operational expenditures.
  3. Future-Ready Framework: Thanks to its inherently scalable design, the Simplivity 380 Gen 9 ensures that your enterprise is always ahead of the curve, primed for impending data evolution and analytical advancements.

Tailor-made for industry leaders across diverse sectors such as finance, healthcare, e-commerce, and beyond, the HPE Simplivity 380 Gen 9 Nodes is the cornerstone for organizations eager to maximize the latent potential of their data and convert it into tangible business growth.

In the contemporary landscape where data is the lifeblood of decision-making, the HPE Simplivity 380 Gen 9 Nodes surfaces as a dependable and formidable ally. Whether the aim is to refine data storage and management or to explore the depths of intricate analytics, this node stands ready. Propel your business into the digital vanguard with the Simplivity 380 Gen 9.

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