HPE StorageWorks EVA8400

End of life Date:
December 31, 2014
Storage Device

The HPE StorageWorks EVA8400 emerges as a cutting-edge data storage solution, meticulously designed for organizations that underscore efficient data management and sophisticated analytics. This system flawlessly melds HPE's top-tier storage software with its advanced hardware, setting new standards for performance and scalability in the storage realm.

Key Features:

  1. Superlative Performance: With the EVA8400, dive deep into the realm of rapid data storage and access, ensuring your analytics endeavors are executed with precision and speed.
  2. Expandable Scalability: Crafted keeping in mind the future, the EVA8400 is primed to scale seamlessly, adjusting to burgeoning data needs without sacrificing its standout performance.
  3. Holistic Solution: Fusing HPE's state-of-the-art hardware with its adept storage software, this system stands as a comprehensive solution for data storage, management, and analytics.
  4. Innovative Analytics: Exploit the EVA8400's prowess to harness machine learning, AI, and state-of-the-art data analytics tools, turning your raw data into actionable business insights.
  5. Robust Security: Embedded with top-notch security features, the EVA8400 guarantees the integrity and safety of your data, shielding it from unauthorized accesses and potential threats.
  6. Hassle-free Integration: Designed for adaptability, the EVA8400 integrates fluidly with current IT architectures, ensuring a quick setup and negligible disruption.


  1. Peak Efficiency: Streamline operations and utilize resources effectively, enabling your team to focus on gleaning data-driven insights and making strategic decisions.
  2. Economic Viability: By amalgamating premier data management and analytics into one system, the EVA8400 offers an attractive proposition both in terms of capital investment and ongoing operational costs.
  3. Futuristic Design: The EVA8400, with its expandable architecture, ensures your enterprise is ever-equipped to match the pace of evolving data technologies and the demanding landscape of advanced analytics.

Perfectly aligned for industry leaders in sectors such as finance, healthcare, retail, and beyond, the HPE StorageWorks EVA8400 is the go-to solution for businesses aiming to leverage their data and morph it into tangible business strategies.

In today's dynamic world, where decisions hinge on accurate data interpretation, the HPE StorageWorks EVA8400 proudly sets a benchmark in reliability and innovation. Whether your aim is to refine data storage or explore the intricacies of advanced analytics, this storage system promises to be your ideal partner. Propel your business into the future with the unparalleled might of the EVA8400.

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