HPE StorageWorks P2000i1GB MSA G3 iSCI

End of life Date:
February 28, 2015
Storage Device

Feature Description:-

8Gb Fibre channelcontroller Two host ports per FC controller shipped with SFPs. The P2000 G3 FC controller can run in either pointto-point or FCAL (loop). The default is FCAL which is used in Direct Connect, particularly with twocontrollers. The PtP (fabric) mode is used with almost all switches.

Combo controller withFC and iSCSI ports This ingenious dual-protocol "combo" controller supports a full FC SAN through the 8Gb FC ports, whiledesignating the two 1 GbE iSCSI ports to enable remote replication over iSCSI protocol and perform asan iSCSI target. This allows economical sharing of the storage resource (the P2000 G3 array) with onedepartment needing the performance afforded by the 8 Gb FC ports while simultaneously supportinganother department with lesser performance needs and a budget only allowing a 1GbE iSCSI network.

6Gb SAS controller Four 4x host ports per 6Gb SAS controller.

10GbE iSCSI controller "Two 10GbE ports per G3 10GbE iSCSI controller. Ports are ready for the choice of SFP (none included):
HPE 10Gb Cables
HPE SFP+ 10GbE Copper Cable

HPE ProCurve 10-GbE SFP+-SFP+ Direct Attach Cable

HPE SFP+ Transceivers
HPE BladeSystem 10Gb SR SFP+ and HPE BladeSystem 10Gb LRM SFP+

HPE ProCurve 10-GbE SFP+ SR Transceiver and HPE ProCurve 10-GbE SFP+ LRM Transceiver

No SFP+ LR Transceiver support"

1Gb iSCSI controller Four 1Gb Ethernet iSCSI ports per G3 iSCSI controller

Modular chassis 2U rack height. 12 Large Form Factor or 24 Small Form Factor drive bays, accommodating SAS andSATA. Comes with space for one or two controllers, or P2000 3.5-inch disk Enclosure I/O modules (LFFchassis only)

Drives available The P2000 G3 controllers support both the P2000 3.5-inch Large Form Factor (LFF) drives, and the HPEProLiant 2.5-inch Small Form Factor (SFF) drives.

Optional diskenclosures "P2000 3.5-inch drive enclosure This 2U unit has twelve LFF (3.5-inch) drive bays and accepts for P2000dual-ported SAS and SATA drives.
D2700 2.5-inch drive enclosure This 2U storage enclosure (AJ941A) is designed to support twenty fiveProLiant 2.5-inch Universal form factor (SFF) 6Gb SAS or SATA hard drives."

Scalability "Large Form Factor configurations can scale up to 7.2TB SAS or 24TB SATA, expandable to 57.6TB SAS or 192TB SATA with the addition of a maximum of seven P2000 3.5-inch Drive Enclosures.
Small Form Factor configurations can scale from 7.2TB SAS or 12TB SATA. With the addition offive D2700 JBODs, the P2000 G3 FC can support 44.7TB SAS or 74.5TB SATA.
Users may configure a 24-drive P2000 G3 SFF array head with 12-drive LFF P2000 3.5-inch diskenclosures. This is an excellent method for a configuration that supports fast SFF enterprise-classSAS drives in the array head, combined with economical LFF drives staged for archival purposes,all in the same array.
Qualification of larger capacity drives is ongoing."

Vdisks Vdisks can span across multiple enclosures, where drives used in the Vdisk can be contained in differentenclosures. The maximum number of drives that can be used in RAID 1 Vdisk is 2; RAID 0, 3, 5, 6, and10 is 16; and for RAID 50 Vdisk is 32.

LUNs The HPE StorageWorks 2000 family of arrays supports 512 LUNs (total volumes in a dual controllersystem) and LUN sizes up to 16TB. The array supports expansion and deletion of any LUN.

RAID 0, 1, 3, 5, 6, 10,50 In addition to the usual RAID levels, the P2000 G3 features several important additional levels. RAID 6 isthe highest level of RAID protection. It allocates two sets of parity data across drives and allowssimultaneous write operations. It can withstand two simultaneous drive failures without downtime or dataloss. RAID 10 is mirroring and striping without parity. It is the most popular of the multiple RAID levels,allowing large arrays with high performance in most cases and superior fault tolerance. RAID 50combines the block striping and parity of RAID 5 with the straight block striping of RAID 0, yielding higherperformance than RAID 5 through the addition of RAID 0, particularly during writes.

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