HPE StoreOnce 5200 System

End of life Date:
April 30, 2027
Storage Device

HPE An enterprise-wide, high-performance backup architecture is offered by StoreOnce Systems and StoreOnce Catalyst. You can select between robust dedicated appliances for more prominent offices and data centres and adaptable virtual appliances for smaller and remote offices, reducing the amount of backup data you need to keep by 95%. You can satisfy dwindling backup windows and recovery SLAs thanks to the industry's fastest backup and restore speeds. With the help of StoreOnce Catalyst, backup copies are shielded from ransomware. With StoreOnce, you can dedupe anywhere and use your backup programme to manage the migration of deduplicated data throughout the company. StoreOnce Systems offer even more flexibility to lower your cost, risk, and complexity by cloud-enabling your current backup and business applications. When employing IP and FC data connections, StoreOnce VSA 4.2 now supports deployment in high availability VMware settings, enabling automated VSA failover from a failing host to a standby host. The HPE StoreOnce 5200 scales from 36 TB to 1.7 PB functional local storage for enterprise data centres. You may grow to 5.2 PB of managed total storage with Cloud Bank Storage. HPE StoreOnce delivers a unified solution for data movement across the enterprise under the control of your data protection application. HPE StoreOnce enables direct, application-integrated backup of Oracle RMAN, SAP HANA, and Microsoft SQL using no-cost Catalyst application plug-ins. With StoreOnce's industry-leading performance, backup within your window and meet your restore SLAs. Manage backup and Disaster Recovery operations from a single pane of glass with StoreOnce Catalyst; backup and copy are supported over IP and Fibre channels. From small remote offices to large data centres with centralised monitoring and management, Federated Management offers a variety of capacity points to meet all needs.

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