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5 Ways to Reduce or Keep IT Infrastructure Costs Under Control

Information technology (IT) has become a vital component of every business, organization, government, and most notably, our daily lives. IT specialists funnel massive amounts of data into multiple computer systems to provide actionable output and presumably everlasting availability of historical transactions, information, statistics, calculations, charts, projections, and countless other resources to support ongoing activity.

Given the essential need for IT resource support, both human and electronic, organizations face significant challenges in keeping their IT infrastructure costs in line with the information's benefits.

In some instances, companies have shied away from making sufficient investments in IT, only to find that their well-managed competitors are rapidly advancing with access to more real-time data.

On the other hand, some companies have burdened themselves with state-of-the-art computer systems managed by an extensive staff of in-house computer specialists, only to find that the benefits are not keeping pace with the costs.

Lowering costs while generating the necessary information flow should be your most important IT objective.

Ways to Control IT Infrastructure Costs

During the current pandemic, the impetus to review and manage IT costs has become even more acute as more associates are working remotely. In some instances, enterprises are learning to function efficiently with remote workers by means of a well-designed IT system. Some organizations may decide to reduce their in-house workforce in the long run.

Here are five steps to attack a burdensome IT infrastructure budget:

1. Expedite Cloud Migration

Faced with multiple remote workers and an ever-increasing demand for data storage, converting to Cloud services as soon as possible can reduce operating and equipment costs, enhance security, and provide immediate data recovery in case of a business interruption.

2. Minimize Cloud Storage Cost

When a significant portion of any organization's personnel works remotely, secure Cloud storage spanning multiple servers allows for remote access to vital information and straightforward communication among qualified team members. Consultants from a global third-party maintenance company like thomastech can identify excesses in Cloud spending by:

  • Reviewing your current and projected needs
  • Assessing your current spending on cloud resources, storage, and other services
  • Recommending specific adjustments to reduce or avoid unnecessary costs
  • Creating a plan that recognizes cost benefits and longer-term commitments only for essential applications
  • Implementing a Dashboard Monitoring System that allows stakeholders to identify inefficiencies

3. Pay Only for What You Need... Period.

For smaller or middle-sized operations, utilizing a third-party IT maintenance company is the most economical choice. Rather than employing a bullpen full of full-time specialists, reduce your costs by using technical support only when needed for repairs, upgrades, implementation, user training, security enhancements, and ongoing monitoring.

4. Make Your IT Assets, Infrastructure and Equipment Last Longer

Manufacturers' representatives have one goal: to sell you more equipment. Their maintenance contracts and warranties only extend for a few years, after which they will advise that you start replacing. A competent third-party maintenance company will strive to keep your equipment up-to-date longer, perform regular services, and install upgrades only as needed.

5. Partner With a Professional Third-Party IT Maintenance Company That Will Save You Time and Money

Focus on your real organizational mission. Operating computer systems effectively is a support function and not your company's primary purpose. Wasting capital on maintaining an extensive in-house IT staff and equipment can be counterproductive.

A third-party IT maintenance company like thomastech will keep your business focused on issues that matter while holding the cost of storing and managing essential data at the lowest possible level.

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Visit our website to learn more about our IT experts' many ways to improve your data management, reduce your costs, and to create a more efficient and secure environment. Our multi-talented team of professionals will help reconfigure your IT systems,  optimize existing assets, upgrade security, provide ongoing maintenance, implement upgrades, and more to help you control your IT costs.

Pay only for what you use and need while keeping your focus on what matters most-- your customers, products, and services.

While providing global, cloud-based support for their many clients, the experts at thomastech will be pleased to review and evaluate your current systems to help you reduce your IT infrastructure costs.

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