Part 1 - Applying Third-Party Oracle and SAP Support to Reduce Costs in Unprecedented Times: Cash is King

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This article is the first part of a series that explores the importance of applying third-party oracle and SAP support. 

During these uncertain times of pandemic and business disruption affecting most industries, companies are searching for better ways to manage their reduced cash flow while maintaining appropriate service levels for their customers. With no end in sight, organizations are attempting to handle many of their functions in a decentralized manner, even with some employees working off-site.

Challenges like these require creative thinking and alternative strategies and processes to stay afloat. A competent third-party IT support company can help you save money while keeping your business focused on its objectives during difficult circumstances.

Third-Party Support: A Less Expensive Solution 

According to a 2016 Forbes article , approximately 50% of Oracle's revenue is generated by ongoing support and maintenance for the products it supplies. Over time, it lessens the assistance and eventually stops, recommending that new investments or upgrades are necessary.

Experienced third-party Oracle and SAP support companies can extend the productive life of your still-functioning systems, thereby delaying additional investment.

Many enterprises rely heavily on highly effective SAP or Oracle resource management and technology systems to incorporate their critical business functions. After implementation, those companies provide external services and support. Ongoing service fees can become burdensome in difficult or recessionary times like we are experiencing presently.

Highly qualified third-party support (TPS) companies like thomastech are stepping in to keep organizations running smoothly so they may reallocate much-needed capital for innovation and client-related issues.

Moreover, third-party Oracle and SAP support demands are often handled remotely, when possible, to protect the health of your employees.

The current global pandemic is forcing companies to defer investments and innovation to keep operations running as normal as possible. Since the global economic outlook remains uncertain, your company can quickly lose traction to better-funded competitors, therbey increasing the risk of losing more customers. Outsourcing or re-sourcing some of your current IT operating responsibilities can make a notable difference in your operating cash flow.

Since server and software systems manufacturers usually increase their service costs each year, lower-cost third-party Oracle and SAP support will keep your company competitive and growing.

Transitioning to a Third-Party Oracle and SAP Support Company

Selecting a strong third-party Oracle and SAP support company is not difficult. During the qualifying process, you need to identify your company expectations to ensure a seamless transition. Your prospective third-party IT Oracle and SAP support company will designate specific individuals whose responsibilities will include keeping your Oracle and SAP systems up and running at peak levels and at all times.

The third-party Oracle and SAP support company will propose a transition plan and timeline for the changeover.

Select the Professionals at thomastech, the Superior Option for Third-Party Oracle and SAP Support

In every instance, thomastech's strategy is to delay capital equipment, hardware and systems costs to provide clients with better control of their IT budget. While systems and equipment companies are mostly interested in selling their latest products, thomastech is committed to helping your organization get the most out of your existing investments.

Forestalling additional costs on unnecessary capacity can help you stay afloat, or even ahead of your competition during challenging times.

With engineering staff situated in many locations worldwide, thomastech continues to partner with many of the world's largest IT service companies.

Besides third-party Oracle and SAP support and monitoring, thomastech services include:

  • Multi-vendor maintenance
  • Contract management
  • Asset management
  • Maintenance integration
  • Data Center relocations
  • Maintaining an inventory of applicable spare parts

To learn more about third-party Oracle and SAP support and saving money with thomastech, visit our website.

We are available to discuss your company's needs; complete the contact form here , and one of our top professionals who are experts in storage solutions and enterprise hardware will be in touch.

You can also contact us by phone at (330)-225-3117, and we will be pleased to schedule a consultation during the hours that suit you best to discuss our services.

Takeaways from the Article

Third-Party Support is Essential in Unprecedented Times

The article emphasizes the importance of third-party Oracle and SAP support in helping businesses navigate through unprecedented economic challenges. Third-party support is presented as a crucial tool for companies looking to reduce costs and optimize operations during uncertain times.

Cash Flow Optimization

The focus of the article is on cash flow, highlighting it as a king in business operations. It discusses how applying third-party support can significantly contribute to cash flow optimization, ensuring that businesses remain sustainable and competitive.

Reducing Costs with Third-Party Support

The article discusses the potential of third-party Oracle and SAP support in reducing operational costs. It presents this form of support as a strategic approach for businesses to manage their expenses better, ensuring financial stability and resilience.

Strategic Financial Management

Emphasis is placed on the strategic management of financial resources through the application of third-party support. The article suggests that this approach can help businesses make informed decisions that align with their financial goals and operational needs.

Focus on Core Business Functions

By applying third-party support, the article suggests that businesses can focus more on their core functions. It allows companies to prioritize essential aspects of their operations, ensuring efficiency and productivity.

Reminder of the Post’s Main Point

The article underscores the significance of applying third-party Oracle and SAP support as a strategic tool for cost reduction and cash flow optimization in unprecedented economic times.

Frequently asked questions

What is the significance of third-party Oracle and SAP support?

Third-party Oracle and SAP support is essential for businesses to navigate through economic uncertainties by helping in cost reduction and optimizing operational efficiency.

How does third-party support optimize cash flow?

Third-party support contributes to cash flow optimization by reducing operational costs, allowing businesses to manage their financial resources strategically.

How does third-party support help in reducing costs?

Third-party support helps reduce costs by providing essential services at a lower cost compared to traditional support, ensuring financial stability and resilience.

What strategic benefits does third-party support offer?

Third-party support offers strategic benefits such as enabling businesses to focus on core functions and make informed decisions that align with financial goals.

How does third-party support enhance business focus?

Third-party support enhances business focus by managing non-core functions, allowing businesses to prioritize essential aspects of their operations for efficiency and productivity.

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