Part 2 - Applying Third-Party Oracle and SAP Support to Reduce Costs in Unprecedented Times: Time Is of the Essence

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This article is the second part of a series that explores the importance of applying third-party oracle and SAP support. 

During these uncertain times as the impact of Covid-19 batters most of the world's economy, many companies are searching for ways to manage their reduced cash flow while trying to keep their heads above water. In the United States, the economy is currently relapsing into even more profound distress as some regions of the country are experiencing ongoing increases in cases of the Coronavirus pandemic.

The time for companies to make critical financial decisions is now and not in a few weeks from now. What is developing into a long-term burden on businesses is demanding that managers and owners move forward with creative solutions to maintain positive cash flow.

One crucial option, for now, is to evaluate and implement the use of a third-party Oracle and SAP support company to oversee the coordination and maintenance of these vital business management systems.

Why Change to a Third-Party Oracle and SAP Support Company?

Oracle and SAP offer proven enterprise resource planning (ERP) software systems that incorporate all essential business functions of a company. When a company implements these programs, they also commit to costly ongoing maintenance support programs or service level agreements (SLA) provided by the technicians representing the provider. Although much of SAP's and Oracle's income streams come from these SLAs, the level of service begins to diminish over time and will eventually stop.

Ending SLAs is intended to be a signal for you to upgrade to the latest versions with all the extra “bells and whistles.” But the end of an SLA does not signify the software is no longer useful. On the contrary, a qualified third-party Oracle and SAP support company can step in to keep the systems up-to-date and running smoothly at a much lower cost. The results are significantly lower operating costs and a realistic delay in purchasing new software and service agreements.

Now, while cash flows are diminishing, implementing a qualified third-party Oracle and SAP support company will bring significant benefits to your company's cash flow. Act now because time is of the essence.

What Value Does Third-Party Oracle and SAP Support Add?

Third-party IT support companies have been around for decades and are proliferating. Companies have found that relying on outside trained professionals to service, monitor, and repair their systems is far less expensive than working with manufacturers to continue to maintain their systems. Besides, because service is the third-party support company’s mission, they are motivated to keep your software running effectively well beyond the time the manufacturer begins pushing you to buy replacements.

In other words, a third-party service company will extend the useful life of your hardware and software, enabling you to direct your hard-earned capital toward innovation and customer-related activities. The savings can be substantial.

Similarly, your third-party Oracle and SAP support company will extend the useful life of your ERP software to lower your IT investment dramatically. Moreover, you will defer the investment in newer systems until you genuinely need to upgrade.

Selecting a Third-Party Oracle and SAP Support Company Now is the time for companies to review their SLAs with their IT systems purveyors. If you are nearing the end of a contract, begin the process of replacing the original equipment manufacturer with a qualified third-party support company.

Here are some considerations:

  • Review all your current service agreements with Oracle, SAP, or other providers and manufacturers. You can then select the precise time to implement the changeover for each system.
  • Clarify the quality of service, responsibilities, and responsiveness of your prospective third-party support company.
  • Companies have experienced notable cost reductions when implementing third-party Oracle and SAP support programs.

Start now because economic conditions for many companies are not likely to improve in the coming months or even years.

Consider thomastech to be Your Third-Party Oracle and SAP Support Company

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