Part 3 - Applying Third-Party Oracle and SAP Support to Reduce Costs in Unprecedented Times: Engage Your Stakeholders

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This article is the third part of a series that explores the importance of applying third-party oracle and SAP support. 

During this unprecedented time of the global Coronavirus pandemic and its resulting impact on the economy, companies are aggressively seeking alternative strategies and solutions to maintain their cash flow while their revenues drop.

One significant savings approach for businesses is to replace the current IT vendor support program with a qualified third-party Oracle and SAP support provider.

At one time or another, growing companies accumulate an inventory of IT hardware and systems that are new and covered by warranty, while also owning older systems maintained by the manufacturer or vendor under a Service Level Agreements (SLA).

SLAs define the level of service and maintenance to which the original vendor or manufacturer commits. Eventually, challenges arise, and these commitments run out as the vendor tries to sell newer replacement products or hardware.

Manufacturer SLAs are expensive. It should be noted, according to a Forbes article, up to 50% of Oracle’s total revenue is from service agreements. Alternatively, a third-party Oracle and SAP support company can maintain your enterprise resource planning systems and platforms effectively at a much lower cost.

The key to success in this money-saving transition to a third-party Oracle and SAP support company is to engage all stakeholders before, during, and after the change.

Engaging Your Stakeholders During the Transition to Third Party Oracle and SAP Support Company

Now is the time to evaluate the benefits of engaging a professional third-party Oracle and SAP support company to help you get the most out of the systems without overpaying for maintenance and monitoring.

As the enterprise CFO or CIO, the first step is to review all current SLAs to determine which systems are likely candidates for termination.

Working with each department head and critical stakeholder, it’s important to review the status of these agreements and an estimate of projected savings that may result from a changeover to a reputable third-party Oracle and SAP support provider.

Because these systems may impact every function of the company, a careful review by and with each department is essential. These may include the following features:

  • IT Leadership

Define the service levels the new third-party Oracle and SAP support company must provide. Perform an impartial cost/benefit analysis to determine if the changeover is beneficial.

  • IT Staff

Review and discuss the impact on the overall IT mission: How will a change to a third-party Oracle and SAP support company impact service level requirements and measures, response time, ongoing maintenance, archiving, and other contract elements currently being provided by the original vendor?

  • Purchasing and Procurement Staff

Will the change impact interaction with suppliers? Will inventory management, purchase orders, and the overall supply chain be affected by a change to a professional third-party Oracle and SAP support company?

  • Security

Maintaining the highest level of data security is a primary objective of any company. Sales and product data, plus human resources information, must be protected, and confidential access is essential.

  • Business Operations and Services

Determine how the change to a third-party Oracle and SAP support company will impact the end-users or clients. If so, what will the impact be, and how can this be mitigated?

  • Legal

Will the company be at risk for ending a contract and ensuring the final agreement with the third-party Oracle and SAP support company meets the needs of all stakeholders? Contract length, specific expectations, timeliness, and measurements should be made explicit in the final contract.

Consider thomastech for Your Third-Party Oracle and SAP Support Company

For many companies, a change to third-party Oracle and SAP support company for IT maintenance and service is a truly viable option. In recent years, thomastech have expanded substantially worldwide as enterprises discovered the lower maintenance costs, enhanced services and superior product inventory that we provide.

With technical support available in locations and regions across North America and Europe, our qualified employees and skillful teams are prepared to help your company with full-time, on demand and around-the-clock third-party Oracle and SAP support services and tools. For more information regarding thomastech’s extensive professional support, certifications and insights, visit our website.

thomastech's unwavering commitment to quality, comprehensive solutions, and round-the-clock expertise transformed our Data Center journey." - John T.

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