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Back to Basics: DAS


What is DAS? Well, you are working with it right now. DAS is an acronym for ‘Direct Attached Storage’ and was the first type of data storage solution. Unlike other forms of storage that connect over a network, DAS is directly connected to a server or PC by a cable. Not all devices in an IT infrastructure can directly interface with the storage device, but those that do must access it through the device directly connected to the storage system. This process of accessing the data is why we say DAS stores data in data islands. So how are you using a DAS device right now? One of the most prevalent DAS devices is the storage drive in your PC. If someone else wants to access your information, their device must interface with your device to use that data. If you are viewing this article on any device with internal storage, like a PC, you are using a DAS system right now.For drives, DAS devices are either hard disks or solid-state. For Fibre Channel protocols, DAS mainly uses SATA, eSATA, SCSI, and Serial Attached SCSI.

Pros of DAS

There are multiple reasons why DAS might be a good solution for your IT storage problems. Here are just a few of the most common reasons why DAS is a viable option:

  • Scalability of storage capacity.
  • No Network setup is required and related complications are eliminated.
  • Better Data Security and Fault tolerance compared to NAS & SAN
  • High Performance

Cons of DAS:

  • Lower availability of data compared to NAS & SAN.

Who is DAS best suited for

DAS is a great solution for smaller companies. Low maintenance and a simple design make DAS devices easy to control, while their “plug and play” ability allows for speedy setup and installation. For companies with a finite amount of data, DAS is a good option. DAS is best suited for companies who mainly need local data sharing and have limited IT support for complex system maintenance. Das is not the right option for companies with larger data requirements. Data requirements are not necessarily based on the size of the company, as in the number of employees or customers, but on the type of product sold. For example, photos and videos require more storage than text-based files, even if they are only from your marketing and media department. Usually, companies with large data storage requirements need multiple users to be able to access the data and collaborate. While you may still have a purpose for a DAS configuration, if you are with an organization with heavier data requirements like described above, consider a NAS or SAN device for your primary storage.

Why Choose DAS?

A DAS device provides plenty of benefits and reasons to use it, but is it right for you? The answer depends on you and your organization's storage needs and plans. Even if DAS is not ideal for your primary storage, it may still make a great secondary option.At thomastech, we have solutions for all of your data storage needs, regardless of whether it is DAS, NAS, or SAN. We have a large quantity of SSDs and disk drives ready to upgrade, maintain, or replace your current drives and storage configurations. We offer 24/7/365 support to keep your data moving and storage safe (based on SLA and SLA customizations). To learn more about how thomastech can help you resolve your data storage needs, call (330) 225-3117 or visit: today!

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