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Back to Basics: Network Attached Storage

What is Network Attached Storage?

Network-attached storage (NAS) is a file-level storage architecture that allows many users to interact with a storage pool. Having data-sharing capabilities is vital in today’s organizations as it allows networked users to collaborate. NAS devices reside within local area networks (LANs) as individual network nodes and are defined by their own unique Internet Protocol (IP) address. They are often connected to the network via a wireless router and allow dispersed work environments to access the stored data.

How is it Used?

On arrival, a NAS system is ready to use and pre-configured. NAS device set-up is as simple as connecting it to the network and interacting with it via a browser-based utility. This device configuration specializes in unstructured data such as audio, video, website, and text-based files. The focus on unstructured data is one of the differentiating qualities that separate NAS systems from storage area networks (SANs). Anyone with access to the network can access the NAS device and its data. This feature is especially helpful for remote employees as it provides access to the same data that would otherwise be available on-site.


  • Quick and easy set-up.
  • Affordable backup and storage solution with no license purchase necessary.
  • Utilizes RAID technology for data redundancy in case of hard drive failure.
  • Remote access to data anywhere and anytime. This advantage increases employee collaboration and productivity.
  • Scalable capacity allows for additional disks to be installed without shutting down the entire network (except for when RAID is in use).

Who is NAS Best for?

Any organization can use NAS regardless of size. Usually, most organizations ranging from small to midsize find NAS especially effective at meeting their needs. The choice of whether or not NAS is right for your organization comes down to your specific IT infrastructure needs. If one or more of the advantages helps increase the efficiency of operations, then NAS may be the right choice for your IT environment and organization.

Cost Cutting Option:

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NAS devices are a proven and effective means for storing large quantities of data. They are affordable while also providing a few key advantages required by the modern IT industry. These devices connect employees and organizations across the global economy. These are just a few reasons why IT professionals care and why you should care about NAS.

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